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PS4 cover art
Developer Reset Studios
Publisher Deep Silver
Platform Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Steam
Genre 3D Platformer
Release November 3rd, 2014
Modes Single player, Co-op mode
Ratings ESRB: E10+
Media Digital download, optical disc, cloud computing
Furryous is a 2014 3D open world fantasy action-adventure stealth platform video game developed by Reset Studios and published by Deep Silver. Furryous is the first installment in the Furryous series, and chronicles the characters' encounter with the main antagonist Steve the Trul. The game's story focuses on the protagonist(s)'s efforts to stop "trolls" from invading the whole world.


Furryous is a platform game in which the player(s) control the protagonist Larry the Lion, Stanley the Snail or Peter the Pig.

The player directly controls the on-screen character through a third-person perspective, and can control the camera allowing for a 360° view of their surroundings. The game takes place in an open world environment with nonlinear gameplay, allowing the player to roam freely within several "realms" discovered throughout the game.

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Furryous is set in the Lefur Village and follows the story of Larry, a fuzzy male lion.

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