Future Kid is a Tank from the Future. His/Her Right arm has been replaced with a Beacon Laser. He can whenever he want go into Cube Mode and roll forward but can't attack. Then he can go back into Assault mode and attack, but he is slower.

Abbilities (Assult Form) Edit

LB,1,R1: Missile Madness (Shoot 100 Missiles that dose a lot of damage)

Y,2,Triangle: Cube Mode

RB,3,R2: Invis Shield (Creates A Sheild That Only Can Protect you in the way you look)

Abbilities (Cube Mode) Edit

LB,1,R1: Hyper Cube (Go Faster And Jump Higher for 20 sec)

Y,2,Triangle: Assult Mode

RB,3,R2: Mob Bowling (Rush And Damage Everyone in its way)

Description Edit

Pepole Thinks 13 years is to young to get their arm replaced whit a Laser Gun. But they arn't living in year 107 736 829 638...

Character Variants Edit

Name Health Weapon Variant Ammo Fire Alfa Unlockable?
Future Kid 200 Beacon Beam Base Laser Yes
Fire Kid 200 Fire Beam Fire No
Ice Cream Kid 175 Frosty Beam Ice No
Waste Kid 200 Slimer Shots Toxic 50 Rapid No
Electro Kid 200 Electro Charger Electric 10 Slow No
Squba Kid 125 Water Shot Water Laser Yes
M3B0 200 M2D2 Shot Refrence Yes
Iron Kid 300 Iron POW Armored 1 One Shot No
Longy Kid 225 Longy Shot Sniper 12 Slow No

Trivia Edit

  • The Male And Female Skins On The Page Right now is under construction.
  • M3B0 Is a refrence to C3P0 and it's weapon M2D2 Shock is a refrence to R2D2
    • What the M and B stands for is 'MINECRAFT' and 'BLOCK'

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