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Game Dev Sim
Developer MasGaling Studios
Publisher MasGaling Studios
Platform Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
Windows Phone
Windows Store
Windows RT
Genre Business simulation
Release NA 20150101January 1, 2015
EU 20150102January 2, 2015
JP 20150104January 4, 2015
Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Store, Windows RT
WW 20150110January 10, 2015
Modes Single player, multiplayer
  • CERO: A </li>
  • ESRB: E </li>
  • PEGI: 3 </li></li>
  • Media Optical disc, digital download
    Game Dev Sim is a business simulation video game developed and published by MasGaling Studios for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Windows RT. You start out in January 1, 1970 with a small company in a small office and you're the boss. You hire employees and develop video games and manufacture consoles and survive until the last generation.

    Development Edit

    The game was inspired by other game development games, such as Game Dev Story, Game Dev Tycoon, and GamersGoMakers.

    First generation (1972-1976)Edit

    Home consoles Edit

    • Magnovax Oddisei
    • Magnovax Oddisei 100
    • Magnovax Oddisei 200
    • VGC-50X family
    • Liphips Tele-Spiel
    • Intorten Video 2000
    • Liphips Oddisei

    Second generation (1976-1983)Edit

    Home consoles Edit

    • Fairkid Channel FK
    • Fairkid Channel FK Console II
    • Atira VGS/2600
    • Atira 2800
    • Saers Game Arcade
    • Saers Game Arcade II
    • Celoco Gimeni
    • Intorten VGC 4000
    • Magnovax Oddisei^2
    • Atira 5200
    • Atira 5100/Atira 5200 Jr.
    • CelocoVision
    • Vextrec

    Handheld consoles Edit

    • Macrovision
    • Pick-A-Game
    • Game Pocket Console

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