Gaz Hates
Gaz Hates

Character Info

Height: Medium/Tall
Age: 52
Role: Pilot
How to Unlock: Get Silver in Level 1
Stages: *Level 1
Other Appearances: *The Airport BOT set
~Accuracy: 10/15
~Speed: 4/15
~Stamina: 6/15
~Health: 150hp

Gaz Hates is a 52 year old pilot who works alongside Justice at the Airport in Side Scroll. He appears in the first level of the story mode, as well as then appearing in various other levels of the story mode.


Gaz Hates used to be in and out of prison during his teenage and young adult years, he was never in for a serious crime just repeatedly stealing, abusing drugs and regular drunken behavior. However, when he was 29, a previous girlfriend dropped in on him and dropped the biggest bombshell on him, she was 3 months pregnant with his child. Gaz suddenly realized that he couldn't continue like this especially as he has brought a new life into this world. He quickly cleaned up his act and once released, went immediately back to her to help. Since then, they have become married and are like any other regular family.


Main StoryEdit

  • Level 1: He appears at the end of the mission in which he guides you, Joe and Hannah away from the airport in order to try and get you out, although he ends up being puled into the secrets revealed by Justice that make the events that have just occurred clearer.

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