God of Fear
Official Teaser Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Marvel Studios
Platform Xbox One
Genre Hack and Slash
Beat 'em Up
Release July 21st, 2018
Modes Story Mode
Ratings ESRB: Mature
PEGI: 16
USK: 18
ACB: MA15+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Ubisoft-Pixar's Spin-Off Series
Predecessor Incredibles: Dawn of Fate
Successor TBA
God of Fear is a new game in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, and an Alternate Sequel to Incredibles: Dawn of Fate. This game takes place after the events of Dawn of Fate, and in effect after Kyle Reese, Clementine Everett, Dashiell Parr and O'Brien destroyed Omnidroid Industries Building. With the Omnidroid Legion destroyed, Syndrome's company now bankrupt and the War Against the Villain Armada averted on Earth-135, a new Hero known as Alexander Aaron, AKA Phobos, has surfaced and must save Earth-614 from a new Villain Armada Agent known as 'Olympius'. The game is excusive to Xbox One and set for release in July 2018, a whole month after Incredibles: Dawn of Fate.

Cast Edit

  • Nathan Gamble as Alexander Aaron/Phobos
  • David Vincent as Adam Aaron/Sentry
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
  • Cobie Smaulders as Maria Hill
  • Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter
  • Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Chris Hemsworth as Thor Odinson
  • Chadwick Boseman as Ch'tala/Black Panther
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Steven Strange/Doctor Strange
  • Scott Whyte as Olympius

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