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Golden Freddy is an easter egg and an antagonist in Six Nights at Sammy's.


A mysterious and headless Freddy like figure that appears... withered.


Golden Freddy will become active on Night 7(A little bit active on Night 6). Meaning he is not part of the games main storyline. He appears in the Basement. After that, he teleports to The Office. The player must put on his mask to avoid Golden Freddy. If the player neglects the mask, Golden Freddy will jumpscare the player.

Strategies Against Golden Freddy Edit

• Golden Freddys head isnt hostile, But his body is. Also, his body teleports from the Basement to the Office.

•You have 3 seconds(5 on the PSN and XBOX Version) to put the mask on or you will lose the game

• Make checking the Basement a priority on Night 7 as Golden Freddy is more active on Night 7 than Night 6.


  • Golden Freddy in the Storage has 2 parts, his head on a table and his body laying down on the floor. This is a reference to Goofy from Five Nights at Treasure Island, A fan-made game made by Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez.

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