Great Invasion of Earth-135
The Armada's EMP Missile hits the United States of America
Previous War In Afghanistan
Concurrent American Occupation of Iraq
Next War Against the Villain Armada
Conflict Great Invasion of Earth-135
Date March 31st, 2014
Place Global (Earth-135)
Outcome Villain Armada Destroys the United Nations
War Against the Villain Armada begins
Thousands of cities across the Globe Destroyed
United Nations
The Hero Coalition:

Global Countries
The Villain Armada:
United Nations (Traitors Within the UN)
Mr. Incredible
Aiden Pearce
1000,0000,0000 Coalition Troops
560,000 US Army Troops
Thousands of Ships, Helicopters and Fighter Jets
890,000,000 Armada Troops
1000,0000,0000 Civilians and Coalition Troops
345,000 US Army Troops
400,000 Armada Troops
The Great Invasion of Earth-135 is the first event in Incredibles: Multiverse Origins, and the event that triggered and started the War Against the Villain Armada. The event started when The Villain Armada used a surprise tactic and teleported its entire Ship Fleet to Low Earth Orbit, firing a massive EMP Missile at the United States of America, destroying all Power Systems in the nation. This allowed the Armada to take Europe, and although millions of members of the US Army and The Hero Coalition fought well, the Armada ultimately defeated them after about 5 days, ravaging through Europe and mpving relentlessly towards the United States of America.

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