For the Call Of The Watch Dogs version of this War, see: Great Superhuman War, Call Of The Watch Dogs Version.

The Great Superhuman War was a War that is classified as "One of the MOST devastating Wars in Human History". It spanned 10 years and was the globe's longest lasting war, and the most devastating. It is the main focus of The Incredibles Game Series and some crossover game series. It is canon to the War Of Heroes franchise, but there is also a slightly different form of the War in the Call Of The Watch Dogs franchise, only Dash and Jack-Jack's birthdates were switched, but that is the only difference between the two Canon storylines.

Golden Age Of Supers [1945-1989]Edit

'Supers'- Humans with superpowers. They were the main protectors of the United Nation countries and Earth itself. The Golden Age Of Supers started 2 months after World War 2 ended, after the Allied Forces had to rebuild various European countries, while Superhumans covered for them as the main protectors of their nations.

For 49 years, the world was in relative peace, and the superhumans were praised for their actions, and while the Military was rebuilt after the WWII Allied Victory, the Supers went back to normal Crime-Busting. In 1989, Mr. Incredible got married to Elastigirl, who became Mrs. Incredible. However, a accident on a bank robbery by Bomb Voyage, which blew up a Train Track and injured dozens, a series of lawsuits made the Government pass a legislation to ban Supers in America and other United Nations Countries, and the Supers were forced into hiding and could NOT use their powers.

The Omnidroid Event [Kickstart of War, 2004]Edit

15 years later, in 2004, Syndrome attacked the city of Metroville and the newly reformed Incredibles destroyed The Omnidroid after a half-an-hour long fight. The Omnidroid was destroyed after Mr. Incredible launched the claw missile at the core, blowing the core to pieces and sending the giant robot into the river.

After The Incredibles were victorious over Syndrome, Syndrome attempted a last-ditch effort to take down The Incredibles. Syndrome attempted to kidnap Mr. and Mrs. Incredibles' infant son, Jack-Jack. The Incredibles were thrown into a wall for Syndrome to stun them, and rocketing off with Jack-Jack in his arms. However, Jack-Jack revealed that he did, in fact, have Superpowers! Jack-Jack turned into a human-shaped fireball, before turning into a demon and beating Syndrome up. Jack-Jack was then dropped, but Mrs. Incredible came in and grabbed him, before turning into a human parachute and descending Jack-Jack to safety. Syndrome then said that this wasn't the end, and he would get Jack-Jack. Mr. Incredible then threw his car at Syndrome's plane, and the plane split in half in an explosion, which knocked Syndrome on to the wing.

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