Greeny Phatom 3
Developer THQ Digital Phoenix
Publisher THQ
Platform Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, Wii, GameCircle Elite
Genre Action
Release November 21, 2011
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
Ratings E (ESRB)
Media Disc
Greeny Phatom 3 is a 2011 action game developed by THQ Digital Phoenix and published by THQ.


Greeny Phatom 3 recieved mixed reviews. Games Magazine gave it 42%, saying "THQ did a nice job transforming what used to be a 3-year-old's art into a 3D awesome machine. It's still VERY glitchy!" IGN gave it 7/10, saying "better than the first two Greeny Phatom titles, but still extremely glitchy". Nintendo Power, however, was more critical of the game, giving it 2/10, saying it was a "bad franchise with bad graphics" and advised readers to "keep away from this game at all costs". GameRankings gave the game 29.4% and Metacritic gave it 51/100.


A sequel, Greeny Phatom 4: Mental Epicness was announced in November 2013 by Codemasters, the company which THQ sold the Greeny Phatom license to. It will be the final game in the series as the Greeny Phatom TV show will be ending December 2014.

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