Greeny Phatom The Video Game 2
Greeny Phatom The Video Game
Developer Sierra On-Line
Publisher Nice Game Entertainment
Platform Nintendo 64
Genre Action
Release November 5, 1998
Modes Single-player
Ratings E (ESRB)
Media Cartridge
Greeny Phatom The Video Game 2 is a Nintendo 64 exclusive game. It was released on November 5, 1998. It was a sequel to Greeny Phatom: The Video Game  and was followed by Greeny Phatom 3.


Greeny Phatom The Video Game 2 was recieved extremely negatively by critics. Games Magazine gave the game a measly 18%, saying "terrible art based on terrible franchise, glitches galore, what else would you expect?". IGN gave it a 3/10, saying "very glitchy and the art...just...looks like a 3-year old's coloring book". It got 4/100 on Metacritic and 21.3% on GameRankings. Nintendo Power gave it 2/10 and said "extremely bad exclusive that would've been better on the Sega Genesis".