The Rouge is the Beast/Trapman Class of the Players. Whit hes/her TNT cannon that dose Mega splash damage he is the perfect beast in the team.

Abbilities Edit

LB,1,R1: Bomb Throw (Throws A Bomb that Explodes after 5 Sec)

Y,2,Triangle: TNT Gatling (Root yourself in the ground and Spam TNT on mobs)

RB,3,R2: Bomb Launch (Launch yourself Far And High)

Description Edit

The Rouge, packed whit TNT and Redstone and goes out on the battle field, and blows up the feild...

Character Variants: Edit Edit

Name Health Weapon Variant Ammo Fire Alfa Avaivibility
Greifer 125 TNT Cannon Classic 12 Slow Yes
Flint Greifer 125 Fire Spray Fire Spray Spray Yes
Ice Greifer 125 Ice Block Cannon Ice 17 Slow No
Toxic Greifer 150 Toxic Spray Toxic Spray Spray
Electric Rouge 125 Electic Spray Elecric Spray Spray
Aqua Greifer 150 Aqua Shot Water 20 Rapid
Parkero 150 Plasma Shot Refrence 12 Slow Yes
Stone Greifer 200 Gravity Granade Armored 1 Slow No
Stealth Greifer 125 Rouge Spray Sniper Spray Spray

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