SSBB Hanenbow
Series ElectroplanktonSymbol Electroplankton
Based upon Electroplankton
Nintendo DS (2005)

Hanenbow is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Strife, returning from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Hanenbow is set within the sub-game of the same name from the Nintendo DS interactive music application Electroplankton.

Like in Brawl, all characters appear to be flat while on the stage.

Stage Layout Edit

SSBStrife stage layout - Hanenbow

The stage takes place on eleven leaves, ten of which are attached to two trees. The ten leaves attached to the trees all begin the battle as flat platforms, though they can be attacked to change their rotation and colour. Turning all leaves red on a tree will cause a flower to sprout from the top of its stem.

The solitary leaf located in the bottom left of the stage is different. At the beginning of every battle, it is rotated at a steep upwards angle that points slightly to the right. Like the other leaves however, this leaf can be rotated by attacks.

Water appears at the bottom of the stage, but players will fall right through it. This makes it one of the few stages with water that fighters can not swim in.

Music Edit

Hanenbow does not feature any music of its own, instead featuring an ambience track in the background of a fight. An orchestra can be heard tuning their instruments at the beginning of a match, and the leaves make sounds that may vary in pitch when attacked.

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