Helen Gray
Helen Gray

Character Info

Height: Tall
Age: 42
Role: Market Stall Holder
How to Unlock: N/A
Stages: *Level 2
Other Appearances: *Chinatown BOT set
~Accuracy: 3/15
~Speed: 3/15
~Stamina: 8/15
~Health: 50hp

Helen Gray is a 42 year old who runs a market stall in Side Scroll. She appears in the second Story Mode level but is not unlockable.


Helen Gray is an ex-teacher who quit on her 40th Birthday so she could experience the world. She decided to start in India and has traveled through various different countries and she is currently in China. She has been here for 3 months and has been making money through her market stall.


Main StoryEdit

  • Level 2: She runs one of the market stalls that you can buy a few items that can be used to upgrade your weapons from.

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