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This page refers to the species as a whole. For notable Heracross, see Category:Heracross.

#214 214MS Heracross
ヘラクロス Heracros
Single Horn Pokémon
 Bug      Fighting 
Abilities Swarm or Guts,
Moxie (Hidden Ability)
Pokédex Colour Blue
Egg Groups Bug Egg Group
#214 214MegaMS Mega Heracross
 Bug      Fighting 
Ability Skill Link
2143D 2143D-S 2143D-f
in-game models of Heracross
from Generation VI

Heracross (Japanese: ヘラクロス Heracros) is a dual-type  Bug / Fighting  Pokémon.

While it is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon, it can Mega Evolve into Mega Heracross using the Heracronite. Mega Heracross has the ability Skill Link, and its Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and Speed stats are increased.


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Heracross is a bipedal, beetle-like Pokémon covered in a blue exoskeleton. There is a long, pronged horn on its forehead. The horn ends in a cross on the male and a heart-shape in the female. On either side of the horn is a short antenna with a spherical tip. Heracross has oval, yellow eyes. Its forearms have a pair of spikes, while its thighs have a single spike each. It has two claws on its hands, and a single long claw on each foot.

Heracross's claws allow it to dig into the ground for sturdy footing or climb trees. Using its horn, it throws opponents or competitors for food. It lives in forests, where it feeds on tree sap. As seen the anime, Heracross has been known to compete with Pokémon such as Pinsir for food. The same episode also shows Heracross allowing Butterfree to feed on tree sap after Heracross has finished its meal. In addition, it is shown to suck sap from  Grass -type Pokémon such as Bulbasaur.



as of generation VII
Tretta Mega Evolution icon
Mega Evolve
 Bug  Fighting 
 Bug  Fighting 

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