Hikari's Wrecking Crew
Hikari's Wrecking Crew Box Art 1
Box Art (Bandai Chaos)
Developer Azumanga Interactive
Publisher Bandai Namco Games
Platform Bandai Chaos
Bandai PocketTurbo
Bandai PocketTurbo Plus
Genre Action
Modes 2 Players
Ratings E for Everyone

Hikari's Wrecking Crew is an action game featuring Hikari from the Super Hikari Games, based on the NES game Wrecking Crew developed by Azumanga Interactive, published by Bandai Namco Games, and co-published by Nintendo for the Bandai Chaos, Bandai PocketTurbo, and Bandai PocketTurbo Plus.


The player controls Hikari (or Takeru in two-player mode) and attempts to destroy all of a certain set of objects with a large hammer on each of 100 levels. Hikari cannot jump because of the hammer's weight. The player can select any level to start on from the title screen. Each level takes place on a playfield divided into an invisible grid, each space of which can contain one object. Objects include destructible walls, pillars, and ladders, indestructible barrels and ladders, bombs that destroy all connected destructible objects, and various enemies that Hikari must avoid. Doors may also exist, which can be opened to cause enemies to move harmlessly into the background. The game also introduces a construction foreman, who chases Hikari and attempts to disrupt her by knocking down objects and causing her to fall to the bottom of the playfield. The player starts the game with five lives and loses a life whenever Hikari comes in contact with an enemy or fireball. The game is over when all lives are lost. The game can also be aborted at any time, and must be aborted if Hikari becomes trapped in a barrel.

Because Hikari lacks the ability to jump, the player must figure out the optimal order in which to destroy objects—for example, if a player destroys a ladder too soon, a wall may become unreachable and thus the player cannot finish the level. Destroying multiple objects in a row (usually with a chain of bombs) scores extra bonus points, and occasionally bonus items may appear that Hikari can collect.

Hikari's Wrecking Crew also features a level editor, which allows the player to design up to four levels. The "save" and "load" features allow you to save your custom levels you have created, up to 8 custom levels can be saved. The Bandai PocketTurbo version doesn't have this feature.

Box ArtEdit

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