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Affiliation The Hero Coalition
The Villain Armada
Species origin Earth, The Multiverse
Rarity Very Common
Behaviour N/A
Habitat Earth, The Multiverse
First appearance Call of the Watch Dogs
Subspecies None (Assumed)
Related species Mutants
Notable member(s) Clementine Everett
Kyle Reese
Billions of Others
"Our time has come. For 70 years, The Villain Armada prepared and grew stronger, while The Hero Coalition rested in its cradle of Power! Humanity was trusted to defend The Multiverse, but they were deceived as our Powers of Nephylum abounded them!"

- Ozone, leader of The Villain Armada, states his hatred for Humans

Humans (also called Humanity, the Human Race) is a Species appearing in every form of the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, and the main playable Species within the Franchise starting with Call of the Watch Dogs. While their Origins are unknown (with several Religions speculating on their beginning), it is assumed Humanity was created from The Multiverse, or by the will of the Demigod Emperor Plagueis, in Ancient Times.

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