Ian Etheridge
Ian Etheridge
Current Age 10
Date of Birth 2005
Gender Male
Debut War Of Heroes (2017 Remake) as Jack Parr
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Ian Etheridge is an American actor who portrays the 11 year old Ozone in Incredibles: Dawn of Fate, and also voiced and lends his likeness to Jack Parr, Dashiell Parr's Superhuman twin brother, in the War Of Heroes Reboot. He was born sometime in 2005, has light brown hair and blue eyes. He also plays the 10 year old Skynet in Terminator: Genisys and Skynet, and it is unknown whether or not he will return as Skynet in Terminator 6 or 7, set for release in 2017-2018.

Acting Roles (taken from iMDb) Edit

  • 'Whispers' as Tommy
  • 'Frozen on Broadway: First Look' as Opening Chanter
  • 'The Jack and Triumph Show' as Youngest Jack
  • 'Keep In Touch' as Young Collin
  • 'Terminator Genisys' as 10-yr-old Skynet

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