Incredibles: Dawn of Fate
Fate Incredibles
Teaser Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
Genre First-Person Shooter
Release June 1st, 2018
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: MA15+
Series Incredibles: Multiverse Wars
Predecessor None
Successor Incredibles: Return of The Omnidroids
 Reset the future in 2018!  

Incredibles: Dawn of Fate is a new game in the Incredibles: Multiverse Wars series, and a soft reboot of the extremely popular franchise. The game takes place in the year 2014, and is set in the Original Incredibles Reality. Taking place 10 years after the events of The Incredibles film, this game shows the events during a Dark Timeline of 2014, where the Villain Armada is on the verge of losing the War, and the Hero Coalition is about to beat them and end the War Against the Villain Armada. However, the Armada destroys the stakes and raises the bar by sending an advanced Omnidroid back in time to the Knights Reality in order to kill Dashiell Parr, who is the alleged prophet that will destroy the Armada. To combat this threat, Clementine is sent back as well to stop this Omnidroid. The game is exclusive to Xbox One and is set for release in 2018.

Cast Edit

  • Raymond Ochoa as Dashiell Parr (Knights Reality, 11 years old)
  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese (Earth-614)
  • Ty Simpkins as Jack Johnson Parr (Original Reality, 11 years old)
  • Dave Fennoy as Lee Everett (Knights Reality)
  • Spencer Fox as Dashiell Parr (Original Reality, 20 years old)
  • Eli Fucile as Jack Johnson Parr (Knights Reality, 2 years old)
  • Lee Byung-Hun as Omnidroid V.12
  • Mikal A. Vega as Scarecrow (Earth-135)
  • JK Simmons as Detective O'Brien (Knights Reality)
  • Wayne Bastrup as Young O'Brien (Original Reality)
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Buddy Pine/Syndrome (Knights Reality)
  • Dayo Okeniyi as Miles Pine (Knights Reality, Syndrome's son)
  • David Vincent as Ozone
  • Ian Etheridge as Young Ozone (Knights Reality, 11 Years Old)

Synopsis Edit

In the year 2014, in the Original Incredibles Reality, the Hero Alliance is at war with an invading enemy force known as the Villain Armada. After 5 whole months of cities getting destroyed, a Legendary Hero known as Dashiell Parr, leader of the Hero Alliance, learns of the Armada's new plan: send an Omnidroid Infiltrator back to the Knights Reality to kill the 11 year old version of Dash. With Humanity's future at stake, the Future Dash sends Clementine Everett, another Hero, to defend the 11 year old Dash in the Knights Reality.

However, when Clementine is sent back, she finds the Knights Timeline has been completely altered, and the 2014 she was sent to no longer exists. Instead of finding an inexperienced and arrogant Dash (like in the Incredibles Movie), she finds that Dash has already been trained as a warrior that will one day fight for Humanity's future. With the Omnidroid V.12 on their trail, these two will team up with an unlikely band of Heroes to end the War Against the Villain Armada before it even begins!

Plot Edit

Intro: Original Reality Battle and the Reality Terrain Device Edit

The game opens in the Original Reality of 2014, where the City of Metroville has been destroyed, just like most of the United States. Clementine's narration is heard as she says "This world is dying. The Villain Armada has invaded Earth, and it has taken over most of the world. Destroying cities and killing 200 million people during their Invasion, and then picking off the remains... The Great Invasion begun on July 15th, 2014. After 5 months, people are getting desperate. The Armada's using its Advanced Technology and getting way ahead of us, people are getting desperate. But there is one man who can save us: Dashiell Parr, son of two Legendary Heroes. He may only be 20 years old, but he has the most experience out of all of us. With him, maybe we can still win this War..." as the screen turns to black and the title 'Incredibles: Dawn of Fate' is shown, and the game starts.

The game then switches to the Hero Alliance base in the Metroville Outskirts overlooking the destroyed and ruined city as 3 Omnidroid VTOLs fly above, and Dash (the 20 year old one) is planning an attack on an Armada Research Facility to end the War, as Ozone is there in the Facility. Dash, after planning the attack, goes to make a speech in front of the Hero Alliance, standing in front of thousands and saying "I look at each of you, and I see the marks of this long and terrible War. Tonight, I have learnt that Ozone, the leader of the Villain Armada, is going to the targeted Armada Research Facility in 2 hours. We're going to strike, and we will take him down. When the Armada sees their leader dead, they will know that is is OUR world! And on this night, we take this world back! Then, generations to come will know that we fought for them, so they would not have to carry these marks! On this night, we take back our world!!" as the massive crowd cheers, and the whole Hero Alliance starts to ready for the final battle in the War Against the Villain Armada. After Dash delivers his speech, he is seen talking to Clementine in a hallway, saying "This is it, Clementine. Ozone is closer to us now than he's been in weeks. We eliminate him, we cut the head off the Armada." and Clementine tells him "Yeah. So, what are you going to do after this is over? When Earth is rebuilt?" and Dash answers "Well, a cold beer would be nice." and they head for a VTOL Warship, and the game turns to black.

The game then switches to night, where the Armada Research Facility is seen as several trucks pull up outside, with a disguised Hero Alliance Troop driving. As the Truck gets to the middle of the Base's Courtyard, an Armada Troop says "Hey! Nobody said you could stop! Get going, now!!" as it shows Dash, Clementine and Jack in the truck's trailer. Dash then signals the two with a countdown, and then yells "NOW!!" as he, Clementine and Jack all grab Heavy Laser Weapons and fire through the walls of the trailer, killing several Armada Troops outside as hundreds of Hero Alliance Choppers and VTOL Warships fly in and start firing Missiles at the Base, destroying the Laser Fences and allowing thousands of Alliance Members to charge in, firing bullets and missiles into the Base's Courtyard and killing hundreds of Armada Troops. Dash then drives a Technical Jeep while Clementine gets on the Turret, unloading rounds into several Armada Troops. However, an Alliance VTOL is shot down and then crashes next to the speeding Jeep, resulting in a huge explosion that overturns the Jeep and sends Clementine and Jack flying and hitting the ground hard.

Jack then gets up and runs over to Clementine, saying "Clem, we need to get to the Reality Terrain Device! Scarecrow's going through!" as they pick up Heavy Machine Guns and start charging through Armada Troops and XS1 Goliath MECHs as they charge for the RTD Chamber. The game then switches to Scarecrow (who has his appearance from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, NOT Batman: Arkham Knight!) as he loads up several weapons such as his NA-35 Sniper, SER-150 Assault Rifle, 5 G18 Pistols, M27 Plasma Rifle and M9 Pistol and then goes to the Reality Terrain Device, stepping into the Machine as the Magnetic Field activates, and the Heroes blow the gates of the Base up, but they see Scarecrow as he says "Too late!" and he vanishes in a white flash, and the Heroes see that he is gone. Clementine then looks at the Reality Terrain Device and asks "What the hell is that thing?" and Dash answers "The end of our future..." as he and the other Coalition Members stand in front of the RTD, and Jack checks a Holographic Screen, saying "Dash, this is really bad. The date on the Machine says: March 21st, 2014." and the whole crowd starts murmuring and gasping in shock, and Dash says "The Armada tried to rig the game. They've sent Scarecrow back to the time before the War, in the Knights Reality, to kill the 11 year old version of me." and the whole crowd looks in shock.

Dash then explains "If my 11 year old counterpart is killed on Earth-614, then the Armada will erase every victory we ever achieved. Including tonight. We need someone to go back and stop Scarecrow." and various Soldiers start volunteering, but a voice is heard saying "I'll go back." as Clementine walks down the Chamber's stairs, and says "Let me go to Earth-614 to stop Scarecrow." and then Dash asks "Out of all these Soldiers, why you, Clementine?" and Clementine answers "Because I'd die for Dashiell Parr." and Dash tells her "All of these Soldiers would die for me." and Clementine responds "After all that you've told me, Dash. About you and your family 10 years ago... What could be different in this Reality?" and Dash tells her "In this Reality, I was scared and weak. You need to take care of my counterpart for me, Clementine." and Clementine walks up a staircase and goes into the Reality Terrain Device, and the massive crowd of Heroes watches as the Magnetic Field is activated, and Clementine floats in it. Just as the Device is about to teleport Clementine to another Reality, Dash is grabbed from behind by Ozone, who says "You didn't think it would be THAT easy, did you?!" as his hand glows orange with a mysterious Energy Wave as he digs into Dash's chest, and Clementine yells "DASH!!!" as she is then Teleported through a Teleportation Reality Portal, and she sees several flashbacks of events in the Incredibles Movie, such as the First Battle of Metroville, the destruction of the Omnidroid V.10, and Syndrome's death.

Earth-614 Missions (Act I-III) Edit

The game then switches to Earth-614 in the City of Heroes, Metroville at night, as a massive blue ball materializes in the Metroville Outskirts as Electrical currents cackle all over the place and a white flash is triggered, and the ball clears as Scarecrow is seen kneeling in the smoke left by the ball. Scarecrow then stands up as he looks at the city of Metroville from the Outskirts next to the Metroville Observatory, and says "Now, time for my next target: Dashiell Parr." as he looks at the city that is soaked with streetlights, cars and a dark sky.

Scarecrow then goes over to a few gangsters near the Observatory, and the three Gangsters surround him and one of them says "Hey, look... Walking around with a Villain Armada Symbol strapped to a Military uniform. And a bunch of guns, really isn't a good idea." and Scarecrow says "I'm looking for someone. I need you to point me in the right direction." and a voice behind him says "Maybe I could help point you towards Hell?" as he turns around and sees a young boy wearing a black hoodie, with the hood covering his face. Scarecrow then sees that the boy is carrying a Remington 870 MCS Shotgun, and says "What are YOU doing here, kid?" and the boy takes his hood off, revealing himself to be Kyle Reese (the 11 year old version from Terminator: Genisys and Terminator: Age of Skynet). Kyle then walks forward and says "I've been waiting for you, Scarecrow!" and Scarecrow yells "You! You won't escape this time!!" as he charges forward, but Kyle takes out his Remington 870 MCS and fires at Scarecrow a few times, hitting him in the shoulder and chest. Scarecrow then reaches Kyle, who hits him in the face with the Shotgun and the two start fighting as the thugs all run away after the gunshots while the two fight. Kyle then kicks Scarecrow back and grabs a part from a nearby Pipe and uses it like a baseball bat and hits Scarecrow hard in the face with it, and Scarecrow grunts in pain as he looks up and blood pours from a wound in his head, with one of his eyes shut due to the damage from the hit. Scarecrow then lunges at Kyle and headbutts him, before kicking him a few feet back and causing him to hit a fence. Kyle then tries to get up, but is too weak as Scarecrow approaches with a Combat Knife in his hand. However, just as Scarecrow raises the Blade and is about to stab Kyle, a bullet zooms in and hits the Villain in the chest, going out through his back and causing blood to splatter everywhere. Kyle then gets up as Scarecrow falls to the ground and is critically injured by the gunshot as he passes out, and Kyle looks behind him and nods at an unknown Sniper, who is holding a VKS Sniper Rifle with a Silencer and ACOG Scope attached, along with Advanced Rifling.

Later that night, another blue ball of light materializes in an alleyway near Downtown Metroville and then Clementine jumps out of it as it vanishes. She then looks around and says "Guess I'm in the right Reality." under her breath. However, a Police Car then parks behind her, and she mutters "Shit! I hate fucking Cops." as she hides behind a dumpster, and an Asian police officer in his mid 30's comes out of the Police Car and starts walking down the alleyway. Clementine then kicks the Officer into a wall, then takes out a M1911 Pistol and asks "What day is it? What month, what year?!" and the Officer responds "Friday, March 21st, 2014. The day you arrive from Earth-135!" and he lunges at Clementine, who shoots him a few times with the Pistol. However, the Officer backs up into a wall and Clementine sees several gray bullet holes across the Officer's body, which then seals and returns the Officer to normal, revealing him to be an Omnidroid V.12, the latest member of the Omnidroid Legion. Clementine then runs down the alleyway and up a scaffolding as the Omnidroid V.12 recovers from the gunshots, and then sees that Clementine has gone into a nearby closed shopping mall.

Clementine then runs through the building, and then finds cover as the Omnidroid V.12 pours into the building from the window using its Liquid Metal Form, and then turns back into a full-grown Human cop and starts walking around slowly, looking around for Clementine with its Liquid Metal Blades forming on both of its arms. Just as Clementine thinks it's safe to come out, the Omnidroid V.12 cuta through Clementine's cover, and she runs away from the Omnidroid and gets to the ground floor. As soon as she gets to the ground floor the Omnidroid V.12 jumps down and is about to stab her, but a massive SWAT Van smashes through the building, performing a wheelspin and hitting the Omnidroid V.12, which then goes flying and hits a counter, smashing it to bits. Clementine then looks at the Van, and sees that the driver is former Police Detective O'Brien, and the 11 year old Dash is in the passenger seat, and yells "Come with me if you wanna live!!" as he shoots the approaching V12, stunning it as Clementine gets into the Van, and O'Brien drIves away and into the streets as the Omnidroid V12 throws a Liquid Metal Tracler on the back door of the Van.

While the Heroes all drive through the streets in the Van, Dash asks "Clementine Everett?" and Clementine asks him back "You know who I am?" and Dash answers "Well, yeah, we do. I'm Dash, and this is O'Brien." and Clementine looks at O'Brien and says "Well, you got older. In my Reality, you're in your 20's." and O'Brien responds "Well, the three of us have been prepping for you to arrive for over a year now." and Clementine asks "The three of you? I only count two!" and a voice in the back is heard saying "So, how's the reunion going back there? Hope I'm not missing out on anything!" as Dash opens the entry way to the back, and Kyle is seen sitting by Scarecrow, who is lying in the back in an unconscious state. Clementine then says "What? No fucking way... Kyle?!" and Kyle responds "In the flesh, Clem. You're not dreaming, by the way." and Clementine goes up to him and then hugs him, saying "I never knew where you went! After San Francisco, after we took out the Armada's Generals, you just... Disappeared." and Kyle pulls away from her and says "I know, I'm an absolute dick. But what I did after that day, has changed the course of this Reality's history for the past year. I was sent back to save Dash from that Omnidroid V.12 you saw back there. Dash and his little brother, Jack, made it out with me helping them. But... Violet, Mr. Incredible, and Elastigirl... They didn't make it. I was too late to save them. Omnidroid already killed them all." as they keep driving, but a Police Car quickly comes in with the Omnidroid V.12 driving it.

The Heroes then engage in a chase through the streets, with Kyle and Clementine grabbing weapons such as an M4A1 Assault Rifle with a Grenade Launcher, and a Peacekeeper SMG respectively, while O'Brien drives the SWAT Van and Dash aims a Shotgun at the Police Car chasing them and fires rounds at the Omnidroid V.12. After a few minutes, the Omnidroid V.12 smashes what's left of the front windshield then spills out on to the hood of the Car, then transforms into it's Liquid Metal Form and then jumps off the car and towards the back of the open SWAT Van, but Kyle shoots the Grenade from his M203 into the Omnidroid V.12's stomach, sending the Robot flying back on to the moving Police Car and the Grenade explodes, blowing the V.12 to pieces and destroying the Police Car. As O'Brien drives the SWAT Van away, Clementine sits opposite to Kyle and tells him "You're still a good shot. Haven't changed a bit, Kyle." and Kyle responds "Thanks. You haven't changed either." as they drive up to the Metroville Docks and head to Kyle's Hideout, which is a Warehouse on Dock 12. However, as the Heroes drive away, a pool of Liquid Metal forms around the wreckage of the flaming Police Car, and a hand made of Liquid Metal forms.

O'Brien then parks the Van as he and Dash carry the unconscious Scarecrow through the Warehouse, and Clementine tells Kyle "We can't stay here! That Omnidroid will find us!" and Kyle tells her "That's the idea, Clem. O'Brien, Dash, get Scarecrow and throw him into the Acid Pool!" as they all walk through the Warehouse and grab their Weapons such as Assault Rifles, SMGs and a Barret 50 Cal. Sniper Rifle capable of taking down a regular Omnidroid. Clementine then says "Something happened. When Dash's future self sent me back, he was attacked by Ozone." and Kyle asks "What, did it kill him? Is he dead on Earth-135?!" and Clementine answers "I don't know. All I remember is everyone in the room getting gunned down, then Ozone attacked Dash, and I already Teleported through the Reality Terrain Device." and O'Brien tells them "We've got about 35 seconds." but the Omnidroid V.12 bursts through a window, and O'Brien says "Or less." as Kyle, Clementine and Dash all start shooting at the V.12, which then turns it's arm into a Liquid Metal Blade and throws it into the air, before catching it and then throwing it at the Heroes, hitting O'Brien in the shoulder and sticking him to the wall with the Blade. Kyle is then kicked into the wall, and says "Dash, Clementine, run!!" as Dash zooms off using his Super Speed and Clementine follows him. The Omnidroid V.12 then tries to follow them, but Kyle starts unloading bullets into the Robot, who just menacingly glances at him and then takes a piece of Liquid Metal from one of the bullet holes, then tosses it into the open wound on Scarecrow's head (the one Kyle caused when he used the Pipe piece to hit Scarecrow in the head), which spreads to his Brain and then revives him after latching on to his Cerebral Cortex. Scarecrow then rips the Body Bag to pieces and then stands up as the Omnidroid V.12 walks into the other room to persue Dash and Clementine while Kyle fights Scarecrow, and O'Brien chases the Omnidroid V.12.

Scarecrow then walks up to Kyle and kicks the child's M4A1 away, and then grabs Kyle by the neck and throws him across the room. Kyle then runs away and grabs the Barret 50 Cal. and turns around, trying to shoot Scarecrow, who stomps on the Padlock of a Basement Door, sending Kyle falling hard on his back to the floor of the Basement. Scarecrow then jumps down, but Kyle rolls out of the way and picks up the Sniper, before crawling through a Ventilation Pipe just above the floor as Scarecrow grabs a Machete and starts to stab into the Vent, trying to kill Kyle as well. After a few seconds of dodging the strikes from Scarecrow, Kyle manages to grab an Electrical Cord and shove it against Scarecrow's stomach, shocking the Villain and allowing him to crawl through another vent and into the next room, and Scarecrow rips the Cord out and then smashes through the wall of the room that Kyle crawled into, before cornering the child into a wall and then trying to knock him out, but Kyle grabs the Barret 50 Cal. and fires, hitting Scarecrow in the neck and resulting in his head flying off, and Kyle gets sprayed by blood. As Scarecrow's limp and headless corpse falls to the ground, Kyle breathes heavily in exhaustion and relief, then says "And to think, I volunteered for this shit..." as he gets up and drags Scarecrow's corpse up to the main level of the Warehouse.

The game then switches to Clementine as she walks through a room with dozens of Acid Barrels attached to the roof as Dash comes into the room, and says "Clem, I'm here!" but then another Dash comes in and says "Don't listen to him! Clementine, you know it's capable of Shapeshifting! I'm the real Dash, shoot him!" and the two versions of Dash start arguing, but Clementine shoots the one on her left in the foot, and a pool of Liquid Metal bursts out of the bullet hole, and Clementine says "Nice try, Armada scum!" as the Omnidroid V.12 turns back into its standard Human form, and Clementine yells "Run!!" to Dash, who zooms out of the area as the Omnidroid V.12 approaches, but Clementine fires her MP5 into the roof, resulting in Acid pouring down from the barrels as Clementine manages to escape the room without injury, but the V.12 is showered by the Acid and starts to melt and dissolve. The Omnidroid V.12 then lunges at Clementine and knocks her down, and then turns it's dissolving Liquid Metal arm into a Blade, attempting to stab her. However, Kyle shoots the Omnidroid V.12 with a Kasket Grenade Launcher, blasting it into the Acid Room and then causing it to get showered by more pouring Acid, turning it into nothing but a pool of dark green Metal Acid.

With Scarecrow and the Omnidroid V.12 now disposed of and their bodies melted by Acid, Kyle tells Clementine "This was the tactic all along. Set a trap for these two, kill them, get rid of the evidence, and then make sure we didn't leave any Future Tech behind before we go." and Clementine asks "Go? Where?" and Kyle opens a door to a RTD Chamber, and a makeshift Reality Terrain Device is seen in the middle of the room. Dash then says "We acquired an Omnidroid Core that lets us make an RTD from makeshift materials, including Magneta for a Quantum Field. We're going to travel to Earth-670 to find Ozone in that Reality to kill him, and permanently end the Villain Armada." and Clementine starts having visions of Ozone attacking Dash, and Ozone saying "Earth-614, the Armada's focal point..." in an eerie voice over and over, and then after snapping out of the vision, she walls up the the RTD's Control Panel and grabs the Omnidroid Core, and Dash asks "Clem, what are you doing?!" and Clementine backs up, and Kyle aims a P226 Pistol at her, saying "Clementine, you know I don't know want to hurt you. What are you doing?" and Clementine answers "When Ozone attacked Dash on Earth-135, he said one thing to me: 'Earth-614, the Armada's focal point'. That means the Armada's heart is here, on Earth-614, in THIS Reality!" and Kyle tells her "Clem, this is my last bullet. And that bullet is going into the Armada's heart. That heart is on Earth-670! The Core, give me it, now!" as he approaches Clementine, who then uses a new tactic: she grabs Kyle's arm, and then says "Kyle, you can do this." before moving her fingers across his palm, and saying "Straight line. You just go, and you don't look back." and the game shows a quick Flashback, showing Kyle in the San Francisco PD with Sarah Connor, who says the exact words that Clementine just said to Kyle (this is an actual scene in Terminator: Genisys, where the Young Kyle, the 11 year old version present in this game, is encouraged by Sarah Connor to escape a Police Station after a gunfight, where Kyle was afraid of gunshots. Anyone who's seen Terminator: Genisys will know what I'm talking about).

After the Flashback, Kyle, now shocked and taken aback after Clementine says the same words that Sarah told him, asks her "How?... I've heard those words before, a woman named Sarah Connor said them to me. How do you know them?" and Clementine responds "In a past I shouldn't remember. On Earth-620, you and I are really close friends, and YOU are the one who says those words to me. I don't know what was in those Memories, or how I'm getting them. But I do know that you can do this. Stay in this Reality, and rip the Armada's heart out. We can all do this if we stay together." as O'Brien aborts the RTD Start-up Sequence, and Dash says "That's real romantic, you two, but... We kind of have a Multiverse to save, and a genocidal maniac to kill. So, save it for later!" as he heads for a Weapons Room, while O'Brien explains "Clementine, these memories from Earth-620 are completely safe. It's possible that while going through the Reality Terrain Device, you were exposed to a Nexus Point. These Nexus Points are connected by Multiverse Energy, which flows through a Human body isolated within the Frontal Lobe. You have two sets of Memories in your Brain right now. Your Memories from Earth-135, this Reality, and Earth-620. You and Kyle are close friends in all Realities, so that is a triggering point for your Memories from Earth-620. Kyle also has these memories, and his encounter with Sarah Connor stems from a Reality called Earth-680." and Clementine asks him "Can you please say that in a way that doesn't make my head hurt like hell?" and O'Brien answers "Basically, you and Kyle have infinite Counterparts throught the Multiverse. You two, well... Legendary Heroes have counterparts throught several of the Infinite Earth Dimensions." and Kyle says "I feel like my Brain's about to fucking explode." as he walks into another room, and says "Clem's right. We're staying in this Reality, and we're going to kill Ozone. But first, O'Brien, we need to get you medical attention. We need to get to Metroville General." as he heads into the Weapons Room.

As Kyle is loading his M27 Assault Rifle, Dash comes in and says "You and Clementine look like you have a stronger bond than you told me." and Kyle asks "What do you mean?" and Dash responds "Oh, come on, Kyle! You think I haven't noticed the way you look into each other's eyes like that? You like her, don't you?" and Kyle's face goes red, and he says "Dude, just shut up. Just, don't say anything else." and Dash just asks "Why are you so attached to her, Kyle? The way you two acted when she saw you in the Van was like you two saw each other before. Just tell me." and Kyle explains "It was on Earth-135, after the Great Invasion. I was a Scavenger in the Metroville Ruins, and I just found a lot of supplies from an Armada Convoy. I went into the Subway, but I got ambushed by a Patrol of Armada Troops, including a Grunt. Clementine came in from the Vent and then shot all of the Troops, and I got into cover. I was afraid of her at first, and then she helped me off the floor. And when I was looking at her, I was thinking... Well, she's beautiful. And after that, I followed her around America like a stray dog for 6 weeks, and then I was sent through the Reality Terrain Device. Then, when she came through to this Reality, well... It was like she was a light in my dark world. Back on Earth-135, she taught me how to hunt, how to use a Sniper." before laughing for a second, then saying "She even tried to teach me how to make a Molotov once." and Dash laughs, asking "A Molotov? Seriously?!" and Kyle responds "Yeah, didn't go too well. The still blew up, burnt a few strains of my hair off. Oh, man, me and her laughed for days. Thought I was the first person in the War to see Clementine crack a smile. I looked up to her, and now you look up to me." as he loads a Magazine for his M27 AR.

The game then switches to 70 minutes later, where Kyle, Dash and Clementine have taken O'Brien to the Metroville General Hospital. The Doctor who is fixing up the cut on O'Brien's shoulder asks "How'd this happen?" and O'Brien answers with a cover-up, saying "Car accident. These three found my on the side of the road and took me here." and the Doctor says "Alright, you should be alright. But I'd heavily advise against driving for the next few days to avoid any chance of reopening your wound." and he exits the room, and 2 Police Officers enter, and one says "Kyle Reese, Dashiell Parr and Clementine Everett? There's somebody here who needs to see all of you." and a voice behind the door says "I'll speak to them alone, thank you, Officers." and then Clementine and Kyle immediately look up in shock, as the Future Dash from the Original Reality enters the room in civilian disguise, and the Officers exit the room.

Future Dash then walks up to the four, including O'Brien, and says "So, what did I miss? Anything interesting?" and Clementine asks "Dash? What, how can you be here?" and the Knights Dash (the 11 year old one) looks up in shock, and then the Future Dash explains "Survival is what Kyle taught me. At least in this Reality, anyway." and Kyle says "Clem told me that Ozone attacked you." and the Future Daah answers "I managed to kill him. Don't worry, Jack and all the others are safe. I followed Clementine here, so we can strike at the heart of The Villain Armada. We won the War on Earth-135, but now Ozone is trying to erase all of that by killing me and my countetpart here. Now, we need to get to the Underground Parking Lot, follow my lead." as he opens the door, and the two Officers walk in, but the Future Dash grabs their Stun Guns and shoots them, shocking them and sending them to the ground. He then says "Kyle, Clementine, grab their guns and cuff them!" as they head for the Parking Lot. When they reach the Parking Lot, O'Brien splits from the group and then goes to the Surveillance Room, inocks out the Guard, and says "Alright, let's see why you're REALLY here, Dash." as he looks over the Footage, and sees Kyle, Clementine, Knights Dash and Future Dash all walking down a flight of stairs, but then he sees Future Dash doing something suspicious (which I won't reveal here for spoiler purposes) and says "Oh, dear God, no!" as he starts running after the four down into the Parking Lot.

In the Parking Lot, the Future Dash starts explaining "After doing some digging through the Multiverse Data Archives, I found out that Syndrome, my family's first Villain after the Golden Age, lived in this Alternative Reality, and this time... Well, he never turned evil, and he started a multi-billion dollar company known as Omnidroid Industries. He's building a New Omnidroid Legion to safeguard the world, while also using them in Iraq and Afghanistan to fight Terrorist groups and save the lives of civilians and American Troops. But now, he's going too far. His son, Miles Pine, is developing a Public Technologies Program known simply as 'QUANTUM'. This is an app that will connect every piece of Technology existing in the world. Smartphones, Tablets, everything. Even Nuclear Codes!" and Clementine says "Quantum is a Trojan Horse! The Armada's going to use it in this Reality to destroy Earth-135, and then turn their attention to the rest of the Multiverse." and Kyle realises "We need to get to the Omnidroid Industries Building, now! We've got 13 hours to stop Quantum." but O'Brien comes in and then takes out an Olympia Shotgun, firing at the Future Dash, who is hit straight in the chest and blasted backwards. As the Heroes look in shock, and Kyle yells "No! What the hell are you doing, O'Brien?!" and Clementine aims her Pistol at O'Brien's head, and says "Drop the Shotgun. Now!!" and they all turn around and see Future Dash's blood turn into strange, Nanotechnological Matter, and Future Dash suddenly stands up on his own, and says "Ow. That hurt. Was that my pain, or something in the Nanomachines?" as everyone looks at him, horrified and in shock, as Future Dash is revealed to be The Villain Armada's ultimate weapon... The Omnidroid V.13!

Dash then asks "What the hell did Ozone do?!" and the Omnidroid V.13 says "He didn't attack me. He changed me, into something better. I'm not Machine, not man... I'm more!" as it switches to a Flashback in the RTD Chamber on Earth-135 after Ozone attacked Future Dash. Dash is seen lying on the floor in agony as Ozone walks over hundreds of dead Coalition Members, including Jack. Dash then asks "What the... Hell... Did you do?!" and Ozone answers "I realised that I've lost, Dash. I lost the War, and I know why: you weren't on my side!" as Dash gets infected by Nanomachines, and his entire body is consumed by Nanotechnological Robots, turning him into the Omnidroid V.13. In the Present Day on Earth-614, Omnidroid V.13 explains "I'm offering you a chance. You can all be Assimilated. Serve the Armada and live!" and Kyle asks "And if we refuse?" and Omnidroid V.13 answers "You die!" and then Kyle looks at Clementine, then back at Omnidroid V.13 and says "Never, we will NEVER serve the Villain Armada!" and Omnidroid V.13 says "You hear that, Kyle? That's the dice rolling." as he runs up to Kyle and tackles him, shoving him into the back of a car as Clementine and Dash start shooting at V.13's back. Kyle then kicks the Omnidroid V.13 and then runs at him, before tackling him straight through a wall and into the Hospital Corridors, before engaging in a huge fight against him. After a few minutes, Kyle kicks Omnidroid V.13 through a window and into a MRI Chamber, and then Clementine pulls the switch, which activates the MRI as Kyle runs out of the room, and Omnidroid V.13 is then pulled in by the MRI Magnetics, his skin being pulled apart and exposing his Nanotechnological Skeleton. As Omnidroid V.13 desperately tries to escape the room, Kyle activates the MRI to Maximum Power, causing the Omnidroid V.13 to get sucked in and stuck on the wall, with his skin getting ripped off and revealing his Nanotech Omni-Skeleton.

Kyle, Clementine, Dash and O'Brien then get to the roof and they find a Chopper that is still landed on the Helipad, and they all get in the Chopper, taking off and heading for the Omnidroid Industries Building. However, as they fly through the city, they are confronted by Omnidroid V.13, who is driving another Chopper and chasing them through the city skies as Kyle and Clementine unload bullets into his Chopper, and Omnidroid V.13 does the same back. After a few minutes of deadly stunts, shootouts and dodging hundreds of bullets from Omnidroid V.13's Chopper, Kyle manages to shoot the wheels on a Tanker Truck in the streets, before firing into the sliding vehicle, which then explodes with the enemy Chopper inside of it. However, Omnidroid V.13 just drives the Chopper out of the fire and then keeps chasing the Heroes. O'Brien then says "I'm going to increase Altitude! Clementine, I need you to fire a Mortar Round into his Chopper, and Kyle, when he goes down, can you take him out?" and Kyle answers "I can. Just target and weaken him for me!" as O'Brien flies the Chopper higher up, getting lined up with Omnidroid V.13's Chopper. Clementine then takes out a NA-45 Mortar Launcher and then fires at the cockpit of the Chopper, which goes into the Chopper and explodes, causing Omnidroid V.13 to burn, and then drop Altitude to underneath the Heroes' Chopper. Kyle then turns to Clementine and Dash, before saying "I'll be back!" (another Terminator Reference!) as he dives out of the Helicopter, grabbing on to the side of V.13's damaged Chopper and then jumping in, hitting Omnidroid V.13 in the face and then using the joystick to crash the Chopper into the Front Entrance Path of the Omnidroid Industries Building, and then the Heroes land in their Chopper a brief time after. Clementine then looks around and asks "Where's Kyle?" and Dash answers "He's alright. Swimming up from the bottom of a lake, but he's okay." and O'Brien asks "What about Dash? Omnidroid V.13, I mean." and Dash responds "Oh,mInthink he's just fine." as they enter the Omnidroid Industries Building.

Dash, Clementine and O'Brien then enter the Building and they see a mysterious child at a screen that reads 'Quantum: 13:45:52' and the child turns around, saying "I know who you are. The Omnidroid V.13 told me, you're here to destroy me." and Clementine asks "Hold on, YOU'RE Ozone?! In this Reality, Ozone's a 10 year old kid? We know what you're capable of, what you're going to do then The Villain Armada is in this World!" and Ozone, the 10 year old child, says "What I'm gonna do? You came to kill me! But you're too late... Ask him!" as he steps aside and then Omnidroid V.13, now completely reskined as the Future Dash, walks up, and all the Heroes unload rounds into him while he says "All you know how to do, is kill what you don't understand-" but Clementine shoots him in the head, and he reels back. Ozone then walks away and out of the room as Omnidroid V.13 straightens himself, and says "There aren't enough bullets in the world to kill me!" as the hole in his head from the bullet seals back up. However, a Blade from the Chopper's Rotor comes in through the windows and then stabs Omnidroid V.13 in the stomach, slamming him into a wall and pinning him in place as he is completely electrocuted by the Quantum Timer Screen. Kyle then enters and says "Villains always talk too much." as he loads his M27 Assault Rifle and he, Clementine, O'Brien and Dash then proceed through the Building and towards the Cybernetic R&D Labs.

After they reach the R&D Labs, they see a massive Reality Terrain Device connected to the entire Building's Power Supply, with several Mimetic Pollyalloy Models of Omnidroid V.12s in a pool of Liquid Metal, and Clementine asks "They have an RTD?!" and Kyle says "Well, they have half of one. Only the Quantum Magnetic Field has been complete, but they need a Power Module if they want to traverse Realities." as they all go to the Server Rooms and start setting several C4 Charges, and then Omnidroid V.13 comes in and tackles Kyle through several Servers, and then uses a Nano Swarm to blast Dash, O'Brien and Clementine into another room then closing the door, locking the Heroes out and seperating them from Kyle, who punches Omnidroid V.13, grabbing him and then kicking him hard through a pane of glass, and into the RTD Chamber. Kyle then charges Omnidroid V.13 and uppercuts him into the air, and Omnidroid V.13 uses his Nanotech Swarm to land perfectly on his feet as he keeps fighting Kyle. After a few minutes, Kyle grabs a Laser Cutter after taking a few hits from the Omnidroid, then cutting through his chassis with a Laser, destroying his Skin Disguise, and then causing Omnidroid V.13 to turn to his Nanotech Form, before using a back-to-front Morph and then hitting Kyle with both his arms, blasting Kyle into the air and causing him to land hard on his back to a Platform below as Clementine, Dash and O'Brien desperately trying to get into the RTD Chamber to face Omnidroid V.13 and help Kyle. Kyle, now groaning in pain with a few cracked ribs, stands up as he sees Omnidroid V.13 approach him, now in its Final Omnidroid Form with a glowing, purple Disc Head and two Omnidroid Claws for hands (the same design on the Teaser Poster at the top of the page). Kyle then takes a swing at Omnidroid V.13, who simply catches his arm mid-swing and punches Kyle in the face, then stabs him in the stomach rapidly a few times, before Phasing through him several times using his Nanotech to weaken Kyle's body, then stabbing him in the arm with his Omnidroid Claw. Kyle, now extremely weakened, is grabbed by the throat by the Omnidroid V.13, who lifts him into the air and tells him "You are nothing but a lost child from a crippled and barren Reality!" as he throws Kyle into the air, causing him to hit the Exterior of the massive Reality Terrain Device, then fall to the ground with several broken ribs and wounds.

As Kyle crawls towards his last weapon: a Magnetic Gauntlet that is the only thing that will immobilise the Omnidroid V.13. However, Omnidroid V.13 walks up and then stomps his foot on Kyle's back, saying "You were never strong enough to defeat me, or Ozone." and then Kyle looks up, saying "Not alone..." as Clementine is seen holding a Remington 870 MCS Shotgun, and she says "Dash, stop! Now!" and Omnidroid V.13 walks towards her, irritatedly asking "When will you ever learn?!" but Dash jumps in and starts hitting V.13 with a Steel Pipe, and Clementine unloads her Shotgun Shells into the Omnidroid V.13's chest and stomach, blasting him closer to the RTD with each shot. After a few seconds, Kyle grabs the Magnetic Gauntlet and lodging it into the Omnidroid V.13's back, and then lifting him into the air and then walking over to the Reality Terrain Device as Dash, Clementine and O'Brien look on in shock. Kyle then shoves the V.13 on to the floor of the RTD, and then pins him to it and turns to Dash, saying "Activate the Magnetic Field Generator!" and Dash starts powering up the Magnetic Field Generator, but Clementine says "No, Kyle! Not with you inside, you know what will happen!" but the RTD starts powering up, and Clementine says "No, please, Kyle!! Don't do this!!" and Kyle tells her "The Armada almost has the means to get here! I can't hold the Omnidroid V.13, much longer!" and he turns to Dash, saying "Dash, protect Clementine for me." and Clementine, seeing the Magnetic Field materialise and realising what will happen, yells "Kyle, no! Don't do this! NO!! Kyle, please!!" as Dash and O'Brien start pulling her away from the RTD, and then the Magnetic Field starts to make Kyle and the Omnidroid V.13 levitate in the middle of a blue Sphere and electrical cackles as Clementine tries to get Kyle out of the RTD's Magnetic Field, but Dash says "Clem!! I'm sorry, but it's the only way..." and Clementine, now in tears, runs to the Emergency Bunker with Dash and O'Brien while Kyle and the Omnidroid V.13 struggle inside the Magnetic Field of the malfunctioning Reality Terrain Device.

The Omnidroid V.13 then starts ripping the Magnetic Gaunlet out of his stomach, managing to briefly get free of Kyle's grip then float over to the edge of the Magnetic Field, managing to get half of his arm out of the Magnetic Field out of desperation, but Kyle quickly grabs him and then pulls him back to the middle of the Magnetic Field, and the two are then hit by Electrical Currents. Kyle screams in pain as the same Electrical Currents blast him out of the Magnetic Field, allowing him to hit a Water Coolant Vat full of water and then start sinking to the bottom. With the now-unconscious and heavily wounded Kyle at the bottom of the Coolant Vat, the Omnidroid V.13 is still in the Magnetic Field of the Reality Terrain Device. The Omnidroid V.13 then screams in agonising pain as every last inch of his Nanotechnological Chassis is ripped apart by the Magnetic Field, which then explodes and causes a Chain Reaction which spreads throught the entire Omnidroid Industries Building, resulting in the whole Building exploding into pieces and a massive pile of flaming rubble, destroying all R&D Projects, Omnidroid Prototypes and Reality Terrain Devices in the Building. All across Metroville, all of the Advertising Billboards for the Quantum Progam and Omnidroid Industries flicker out and go offline after the explosion, signifying the end of Omnidroid Industries, the Quantum Project, and most importantly: the Villain Armada!

In the Emergency Bunker beneath the ruined Omnidroid Industries Building, Clementine tries to open the locked Blast Doors, saying "We have to get out of here! We have to find him..." and Dash tells her "Clementine, he's gone. Listen, he loved you, alright?" and Clementine sits on a nearby Ammo Crate, and says "Anyone who loves me, all of them... They die." and Dash goes up to her, saying "Look... You need to understand, the Armada's gone. You can choose the life you want now. For the first time, you get to choose your path." and Clementine asks "What if I can't?" and Dash answers "Well, since we're about to run out of air anyway, I'd say you don't have to worry about it." as he and Clementine sit in silence with O'Brien. However, the door is then opened from the outside and the Heroes reach for their Weapons, but then Kyle pushes the door out of the way and says "Hey, guys. Sorry Bout the explosion and all the destruction outside." and Clementine runs up to him and then hugs him in tears, saying "Kyle... I thought you were dead!" and Kyle says "No, just... A few broken ribs, couple of third degree burns, shocked bones and torn kidney. Other than that, I'm fine." as the Heroes all get out of the Building and head for their Chopper, which is still landed in the Front Entrance Path. Kyle then asks "So, what now?" and Clementine looks at the massive pile of rubble that used to be the Omnidroid Industries Building, and says "Dash is right. I can choose." as she looks at Kyle, then wraps her arms around his waist, pulls him in and then kisses him on the lips.

After a few seconds, the two stop and then Clementine says "I love you, Kyle Reese. This is the life I want to choose, that I want to live." and Kyle tells her "Yeah, me too. So, where do we start?" and Clementine answers "Well, first: let's get out of here. The Police and FBI will be here in a few minutes." and O'Brien says "Couldn't agree more. Come on, I'll fly us back to the Warehouse." as all 4 Heroes board the Chopper, which takes off and flies through the skies of Metroville, leaving the Omnidroid Industries Building in ruins and Kyle narrates "It was over. The War Against the Villain Armada was avoided on Earth-135, all remaining traces of the Omnidroids were destroyed. Now one path of life has become many, and though questions remain, we will answer them in time. Together. And I do know one thing for sure: the Future is not set..." as the End Credits roll, ending the game and possibly the entire Incredibles: Multiverse Wars Series.

Mid-Credits Scene Edit

After the first section of the Credits finish, the game switches to early morning as hundreds of Construction Crews are salvaging equipment from the ruins of the Omnidroid Industries Building. The camera then pans down to an Underground Bunker below the Emergency Bunker, and a massive, red Omnidroid Core is seen, and a Hologram of the Omnidroid V.13 flickers online, gazing up at the Core as a pool of Nanomachines is seen sprawled around on the floor.

Sequel Edit

Main Article: Incredibles: Return of The Omnidroids

Soundtrack Edit

  • 1. Main Menu Theme
  • 2. Better Days (Metroville Earth-135)
  • 3. Take Back Our World (Dash's Speech)
  • 4. Armada Capitol Battle
  • 5. Using the RTD
  • 6. Earth-614
  • 7. Kyle Reese VS Scarecrow
  • 8. The Omnidroid V.12
  • 9. The Reunion
  • 10. Still After Us
  • 11. Warehouse Brawl
  • 12. You Can Do This
  • 13. Kyle and Clementine Theme (Fate and Hope)
  • 14. Kyle's Past
  • 15. Dash Arrives on Earth-614
  • 16. The Omnidroid V.13 (Evil Revealed)
  • 17. Helicopter Chase
  • 18. Fight in Omnidroid Industries Building (Kyle VS Omnidroid V.13)
  • 19. Kyle's Sacrifice
  • 20. What If I Can't? (Ending Theme)
  • 21. Credits Theme (Warfare's End)
  • 22. Bonus Credits Track (Jane Zhang - Fighting Shadows ft. Big Sean)

Critical Reception Edit

The game sold 50 million copies in its opening weekend, making millions in profit and breaking the record for most copies sold in an opening weekend. The game received universal and critical acclaim, with many critics heavily praising the game's modified Engine (a heavily modified IW Engine used in the Call of Duty Games), characters, setting and graphics.

IGN gave the game a 10 out of 10, saying "Dawn of Fate marks the newest and possibly final instalment in the Incredibles Crossover Series. However, of they continue the franchise, I am confident that everybody will buy it." and praising every aspect of the game, even the overly convoluted story.

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