Rise of Scarecrow  In 2019... The Fear will consume all!  


Incredibles: Rise of Scarecrow is the sequel to Incredibles: The New Alliance and the newest addition to the Incredibles Crossover Series. It is the start of Phase 4 in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, and details the events after the Battle Of Metroville in the last game and Scarecrow's defeat at Dash's hands. The game is set for release in 2019 and will be exclusive to Xbox One.

Synopsis Edit

2 months after the events of The New Alliance, and the Battle Of Metroville in the last game, the Hero Coalition has been taken down and has been replaced by The New Incredibles. With 5 new members, the New Incredibles Team must stop Scarecrow (again) as he returns as a deformed and Cybernetically Reconstructed enemy (looking exactly the same as the Arkham Knight Scarecrow)! With the fate of the Multiverse at stake, the New Incredibles must now band together to destroy the Villain once and for all, but what they don't know is that Scarecrow now has the Fear Toxin, a hallucinogenic toxin that is powered by Scarecrow's Dark Magic!

Characters Edit

Dashiell 'Dash' Parr - As the son of Mr. Incredible and one of the major members of The New Incredibles, Dash is a specialist in espionage and stealth, using his Super Speed to zoom in from one place to another. Dash is also in a romantic relationship with Clementine Everett. Many fans speculated this before The New Alliance's release, and they were very happy to see that Dash and Clementine 'have more character development'.

Clementine Everett - Member of the New Incredibles and Dash's closest friend. After she reveals her feelings for Dash in the last game's final battle, she and Dash are now inseparable and they work together on every mission they are sent on. Clementine's powers include: Telekinesis, Magic Repulse, Mind Manipulation and many others.

Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce - Another member of the New Incredibles. He has no Superpowers, but is highly capable in hand-to-hand combat and tactical espionage operations.

Robert Parr/Mr. Incredible - Dash's father and founder of the New Incredibles.

Helen Parr/Mrs. Incredible - Dash's mother and co-founder of the New Incredibles.

Buddy Pine/Syndrome - Member of the New Incredibles and R&D Developer for the team.

Lee Everett - Clementine's adoptive father and member of the New Incredibles.

Jack Johnson 'Jack-Jack' Parr/Pyro - Dash's 'twin' brother and member of the New Incredibles. Nicknamed 'Pyro' by his teammates, Jack-Jack's powers include: Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, Mind Manipulation and Aquakinesis.

Villains Edit

Scarecrow (John Noble) - Scarecrow is a Dark Magic Practitioner, and leader of the Villain Armada. After being defeated by Dash in the last game and being caught in the Shattered Nexus Explosion, Scarecrow is now disfigured and crushed by his defeat. His face is incredibly pale and burnt, with his jaw hanging out and his teeth shown. He also has a Robotic Arm and one of his eyes has been ripped out, replaced by a Robotic Eye.

The Phantom Soldier - Assassin for the Villain Armada and a Superhuman with the ability to Teleport and Shapeshift. As the primary threat to the New Incredibles aside from Scarecrow himself, the Phantom Soldier's identity remains a mystery. The character is voiced by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Plot Edit

The game starts in the city of Metroville as it is still under repair after the Battle Of Metroville in the last game. On the rooftops, Dash looks at the city's skyscrapers being repaired and he hears a voice behind him say "This city's still standing because of you." and he turns around to see Clementine there, using her Telekinesis to move a soda bottle, before saying "Think fast!" and she tosses the bottle to Dash, who uses his Super-Speed to catch it. Dash then says to her "This for me? Thanks." and Clementine says "Yeah, no problem. Anyway, your dad letting you out in broad daylight? Bad idea." and Dash jokingly responds "Well, what can I say? You were always a bad influence." and Clementine says back "Oh, I'm the bad influence? Yeah, right." and she goes up to Dash, and kisses him again, saying "You're the bad influence. You've got a LOT of Vilains on your back, Dash." and Dash responds "Actually, I HAD a lot of Villains. They're either dead or rotting in prison, so... I think the whole team's earned some time off." and they both get an alert on their cellphones, and Clementine reads the message out loud: 'Come to the Base. We have a update on that Armada Cell' and the two head for the base.

The game then switches to the New Incredibles Team flying over the Pacific Ocean in a Stealth Jet as Mr. Incredible debriefs the team, saying "Okay, we got an emergency call from this freighter here. It was hijacked and taken by a Armada Cell two hours ago. Their leader is a former Task Force 141 Member known as Phoenix, he holds the Armada up after Scarecrow's death." and Dash says "So, we go in there, and I kick his ass. Simple, and quick." as he opens the Jet's ramp and walks towards it, and Clementine says "You sure you don't need some backup?" and Dash responds "No, Clem. I think I can handle the guards!" as he uses his Super-Speed to run out of the Jet and free fall down to the water, and Lee asks "Uh... Was he wearing a parachute?" and Clementine, now laughing, says "No, he wasn't." as it shows Dash running above the water using his powers, before climbing into the captured ship and getting ready to deal with the Armada Guards. Dash gets to the deck and starts silently taking down guards by shooting, stabbing, strangling and kicking them into steel walls as several more enemies approach, only to be shot by Clementine, who jumps in from the balcony on the side of the bridge. Dash then says "I was gonna take those guys out." and Clementine says "Oh, you don't want to make a repeat of that drama in Venezuela, right?" and Dash responds "I'll keep that in mind next time I get surrounded by 4 armed guards." as they infiltrate the bridge, blowing the door up and shooting at all Armada Guards as Phoenix tries to run away, but Clementine grips him in the air using Telekinesis as Dash uses Super-Speed to punch Phoenix across the room.

Dash then unties the hostages and turns around, saying "Clem, nice wor-" but he sees Clementine has ran out of the room. Dash then says "Every damn time." as he uses his Super-Speed and gets to the Server Room and sees Clementine hacking into the Armada's Files. Dash then says "Really, Clem? I might like you, a LOT, but-" and Clementine finishes the sentence by saying "I drive you crazy? Well, same can be said for you. We both drive each other crazy, Dash." and she takes a Data Recovery Module out of the computer, stealing the files and the two make their exits, escorting the hostages to extraction and taking back the Freight Ship.

The game then switches to the New Incredibles Base in Upstate New York as Dash walks into Frozone's office and says "What the hell just happened? Clementine was sent there to steal Armada Data?!" and Frozone responds "I know you're not as comfortable as Clementine in doing those things. You're more of a run and gun guy, while your girlfriend is a stealth kind." and Dash stops him, saying "Woah, woah! Slow down, my girlfriend? You think Clementine is my girlfriend?" and Frozone says "If you count the way you two are inseparable and you've kissed her more times than I've done with my own wife, then... You're not fooling me, kid." and Dash says "Okay, fine. Maybe we do kind of have a thing for each other?" and Frozone chuckles in response and says "That's an understatement, Dash. You and Clementine? Like two peas in a pod." and Dash says "Okay, back on the subject: what exactly did Clementine have to take from the Armada's drives?" and Frozone brings up a 3D Hologram, saying "A file known as Project: Phantom. We believe it's a potential Superhuman Soldier Program that would give the Villain Armada a hoke field advantage over the New Incredibles." as the Hologram shows an X-Ray of a human, with massive muscles and bones that look like Titanium. Dash then asks "What the hell is that thing?" and he points to the arm, which is revealed to be robotic. Frozone then takes the Harddrive and walks out of the office, with Dash staying there and looking at the X-Ray of the Superhuman Soldier, saying "What the hell are you supposed to be?" as Frozone goes to his car, driving into New York.

As Frozone drives through the streets, he contacts Mr. Incredible and says "Bob, your son isn't happy about the little op we pulled. I need to see you and the other Incredibles at these coordinates: 23.68-" but he is stopped when an Armored SUV crashes into his car and several Villain Armada Troops get out of a truck and surround Frozone's car. Frozone, now with a broken hand and cut in his head, takes out his Vector K19 Submachine Gun and shoots at the Armada Troops, before driving away as he contacts Lee and says "Lee, get the others over here!! I'm under attack!!" and Lee responds "I'm on my way, Frozone! We're seeing the attack live!" and Frozone sarcastically says "Oh, yeah, sure! Watch the news while I get fucking shot! Great work, Lee!" as he is pursued by Armada Troops. Frozone then looks forward and sees a masked soldier in the street, and he realizes that the soldier looks exactly the same as the Superhuman Soldier depicted in the Project: Phantom file!

Frozone, now shocked, tries to dodge the soldier, but the soldier fires a Magnetic Mine under the car, causing the car to fly through the air and crash on it's roof with the engine destroyed. Frozone then takes out a Electronic Cutter and cuts the ground, jumping down the hole. The soldier then finds Frozone gone and aborts the mission.

The game then switches to Dash as he goes to Lee's Apartment, and he sees Clementine outside. Dash then goes up to her and says "Hey, Clem. You here alone?" and Clementine says "Yeah, Lee went out about 4 hours ago. Said something about Frozone calling him and he said it was an emergency. Why are you here, Dash?" and Dash responds "Well, actually, I was looking for you." and Clementine asks "What is it?" and Dash says "Just checking if you're okay after... Well, the ship operation." and Clementine tells him "Dash, you know you can trust me, right? I was just getting information, and we found something vital." and Dash responds "Yeah, well... I do trust you, Clem. We're a team, and more importantly, we're friends. It's good to have you around." and Clementine says "Hey, Dash? You know, if you ever need anything... I'm here for you, okay?" and she kisses him on the cheek and says "You can thank me later." and she walks out of the apartment, saying "I'll see you around, Dash." and Dash just smiles in response and starts to walk out of the apartment building, but he hears glass shattering and footsteps in the Apartment. Dash and Clementine then enter the Apartment and see Frozone sitting there, with a massive cut on his head. Frozone then jokingly says "Should I leave you two lovebirds alone?" and Dash holsters with weapon, saying "For the last damn time-" and Frozone asks "Clementine isn't your girlfriend? Yeah, right! I saw you two out there." and Clementine asks him "What the hell are you doing in an apartment building?" and Frozone says "My wife kicked me out." and Dash says to him "Typical. What the hell happened to you?" and Frozone stands up, saying "Well, that's up to you." as he takes out the Project: Phantom Hardrive.

Just as Frozone is about to say something, he is shot in the back and falls to the ground, and Clementine helps him, saying to Dash "Go! I'll call Lee and the others!" as Dash zooms through the building and gets to the roof, chasing the assassin across the rooftop. Dash then fires several bullets at the assassin, who turns around and stops the bullets in mid-air, throwing them back at Dash, who uses his Super-Speed to dodge them. The soldier then teleports off the roof and Dash runs back into the Apartment to help Frozone, who is bleeding to death on the floor.

The game then shows Frozone in the Hospital as the doctors attempt to save him and Dash, Clementine, Lee, Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible and Violet watch the procedure from the next room. Dash then says "Don't do this, Lucius. Don't die on us..." as Frozone starts to go into Cardiac Arrest, and his heart stops. The Doctors then attempt to revive him with Defibrillators, but are ultimately unsuccessful as Frozone dies, and The Incredibles, especially Mr. Incredible, start to cry over the loss of their close ally. The game then shows Dash, Violet and Mr. Incredible mourning Frozone in the Morgue, and Mrs. Incredible says "I need to take his body now. I'm sorry, guys." and they cover Frozone in a body bag, wheeling him out of the room as Dash walks out, grieving over Frozone's death. After looking around for a few seconds, Dash is pulled into a maintenance room by Clementine, who asks him "Nobody else is here?" and Dash says "No, I'm alone." and Clementine says "Good, we don't have much time. The Comms Scrambler's only gonna give us a few minutes!" and she closes the door, and then takes out the Project: Phantom Data Pen and gives it to Dash, who takes the Data Pen and Clementine says "Listen, Dash... Tell me about the assassin." and Dash responds "He's fast, and strong. Had the power of Teleportation and Magnetism. He stopped my bullets in mid-air, tossed them right back at me." and Clementine asks him "What about ballistic reports?" and Dash says "Three bullets. All fired by a Target Enhanced Weapon that can see priority targets through walls, and bullets were enhanced with an Advanced Rifling Attachment. Shooter was on the opposite roof." and Clementine says "Okay, we've got a few minutes. What do you want to know?" and Dash responds "Why was Frozone stumbling around in Lee's apartment?" and Clementine hesitates with her answer, before finally saying "I don't know." but Dash catches on and says to her "Clem, you may be smart and resourceful, but you're a terrible liar." and he says "Clementine, look me in the eye and tell me the truth. Why was Frozone there?" and Clementine tells him the truth, saying "I know who killed Frozone. Most of the Intelligence Community doesn't believe he exists, the ones that do call him the Phantom Soldier. He's a Superhuman working for the Villain Armada, credited with over two dozen Assassinations over 3 years." as Dash keeps listening, already shocked by the revelation. Clementine then says to him "If he is working for the Villain Armada, this could be a disaster of catastrophic results!" and Dash says "We need to find the coordinates on the Drive before the Phantom Soldier strikes again." and he starts to exit the room, but Clementine stops him and says "Dash, there's one more thing, it's really important." and she kisses him again, before pulling away after several seconds and saying "I love you, Dash. You know that?" and Dash responds "Yeah. When this is over..." and Clementine covers his mouth and says "Hold that thought." as she looks to the corridors, seeing three Villain Armada Troops disguised as Police Officers. Clementine then opens a vent and allows her and Dash to sneak through it and down into the underground Parking Lot. Dash then inputs the Data Pen into his Wrist MOD Computer and says "I know these coordianates, Clem! Both of us do... It's the old Coalition Base that was destroyed by the Armada before the Battle Of Metroville!" and they head to the base. Dash, rather humorously, says "Clementine, we need to use my Powers if we're gonna get to the base faster!" and Clementine responds "Do I look like I have the same powers as you?" and Dash says "Exactly. I need to hold your neck so you don't get whiplash." and Clementine lets Dash hold the back of her neck, and then zooms into the Metroville Hills.

After they reach their destination, Dash stops and Clementine breathes heavily, before saying "I think I'm gonna puke. Motion sickness sucks!" and Dash says "Yeah, it happens to a lot of people." and Clementine goes up to him, before saying "Don't EVER do that again!" and Dash responds "Okay, I can control my powers." and they see the remains of the Old Hero Coalition Base, destroyed and ruined. Dash then enters, followed by Clementine, and they see the inside of the Old Base covered in debris and dust. Dash then says "I never even thought I'd come back here." and Clementine looks around, saying "This place... Can we get this mission over with, Dash? There's tOo many memories here, and I don't want to be missing them too much." and Dash finds a secret Password Panel in the wall, inputing the code on the Hard Drive and a secret door opens. The two Heroes then go through, and they find a gigantic chamber full of data screens, old and littered equipment and a massive area covered in dust and cobwebs. Dash then goes towards one of the Data Screens and turns them on, and several cameras turn on, turning towards Dash and Clementine. A voice then comes from the massive computer, saying "Dashiell Parr. Age 11, born May 21st, 2003. Clementine Everett. Age 11, born November 23rd, 2003." as Das and Clementine walk towards the computer, and Dash asks it "What are you?" and the Computer goes static and forms a face embedded with Code, saying "You don't remember me, Dash? Did the Creation Of The New Timeline erase your memory?" and the face is shown to be... Ozone!

Dash and Clementine then stop walking towards the Ozone Computer, who says "You two have been busy ruining the Armada!" and Clementine says "It's some kind of recording-" but the Ozone Computer says "I am not a recording, girl! I may not be the man I was when Dash helped arrest me 4 months ago, but I AM alive!" and Dash says "Ozone... How the hell did you get into a computer? You've been dead for months!" and the Ozone Computer responds "Look around you, Dash! I am very much alive in these data banks!" and the Computer starts to explain the whole thing by saying: "In April of 2014, which was just one month ago, I received a Terminal Diagnosis. Science or Scarecrow's Dark Magic could not save my body... But my brain, on the other hand, is still worth much! On 200,000 feet of Data Banks, you two are standing in my domain!" as Dash says "That's impossible! The Villain Armada died with Scarecrow!" and the Ozone Computer shows an image of the Villain Armada Symbol, saying "Cut off one head, two more will take it's place!" as he shows two images of the New Villain Armada Symbol as Dash and Clementine look at the recording, shocked by these truths. The Ozone Computer then explains "After the Military Police locked me up in that padded, metal cell in the Metroville Prison, I was approached by one of your members, a member of the Hero Coalition with vital interests within the Old Armada. I realized that this was my chance for salvation! When I was sent to work within the Coalition Tower and construct the Data Server, I implanted a Virus that will spread across the United States and throw the world into chaos!" and Dash says "How?! Scarecrow was never told about this!" and the Ozone Computer responds by saying "Archive 12095: The Villain Armada was founded upon the belief that Humanity could not be trusted with it's own freedom, and that order was the only way! What we did not realize was that if you tried to take that freedom, they resist and send in the Hero Coalition to do their work for them. The War taught us much, and the Creation Of The New Timeline came as an advantage for me. After the end of the War, the New Incredibles were founded, and the New Villain Armada grew... A beautiful Virus, or parasite, inside the New Incredibles and the United States Government!" and Clementine says "That's impossible, Frozone would have stopped you!" and the Ozone Computer says "Accidents will happen!" as it shows a file for Frozone, which has the word 'DECEASED' marked on it. Dash then punches the screen in rage, shattering it as Ozone spawns into another Data Screen and irritatingly says "As I was saying..." and Dash asks "What's on the Drive?!" and the Ozone Computer responds by saying "Project: Phantom requires... A phantom! So I created an Algorithm within the New Incredibles Servers at the Tower!" and Clementine asks him "What kind of Algorithm?" and the Ozone Computer laughs, saying "The answer to your question is fascinating, Clementine. Unfortunately, you and your boyfriend here will be too dead to hear it!" as a beeping noise is heard on Clementine's cellphone and it shows a Hologram of a Missile Strike flying towards the Old Base.

Dash then asks "What the hell is that? A Missile Strike?! Who fired it?" and Clementine looks in shock, before saying "It's coming from the New Incredibles Tower!" and Dash, now both enraged and shocked, yells "Those fucking traitors!!" as and Clementine run out of the Old Base, and the Ozone Computer laughs insanely, saying "Ah, finally... The New Armada rises!" as the whole place blows up and the Missile Strike destroys it, with Dash and Clementine running into the woods next to the Old Base in an attempt to get away, and a VTOL Warship comes in and Violet, Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible and Lee rope down from it, looking at the ruins of the Old Base, and Violet scans the base with a Threat Grenade, but finds no signature. Violet then says "No, they're not here. Dash must have used Super-Speed. Search the woods!" and she orders the Troops to search the woods as Lee says "Guys, I... What are we doing?! We're trying to kill Dash and Clementine?!" and Mr. Incredible responds "No, Lee! Just here to stop them from leaking secrets and compromising National Security!" and he walks away, before muttering under his breath "We'll only kill Clementine." as he gets on a Chopper, revealing the betrayal of Dash's family and much of the New Incredibles.

A few hours later, Dash and Clementine are in Metroville and they go to a house, knocking on the door. Jacks then answers and says "What the hell..?" and Dash says "We'll explain inside. Everyone we know is trying to kill us!" and Jacks responds "Not everyone. Come on." and they go inside the house, laying low from the treacherous New Incredibles.

After about an hour of explaining the situation, Jacks goes out of the house with Aiden to keep watch for New Incredibles Forces (which are now officially revealed to be controlled by the Villain Armada). Dash and Clementine, now alone, have a conversation about the New Incredibles' very recent betrayal. Dash says "I can't believe this. My own... Family... People I loved. How could they do this?" and Clementine reassures him, saying "We don't know of they're compromised, Dash. They might be planning to help us." and Dash responds "Clem, they aren't! It's just you and me..." and Clementine says to him "Well... Maybe I like it that way, Dash. You and me, just... Together in war." and Dash just says "You know, when I first fought alongside my family against the Omnidroids... I thought I was doing the right thing. Was I, or am I just another Villain?" and Clementine responds "Don't say that, Dash! You're one of the greatest Heroes I've ever known in my life. Listen, we need a plan. If it was the other way around, you'd do the same for me, right?" and Dash then says "Yeah, Clem... I would." and he kisses her. After several seconds, he pulls away and says "I... Clem, this might be our last mission together... If anything happens to me-" and Clementine says "Dash, nothing's going to happen. We're going to take down the Armada, and we'll set the New Incredibles free from it's grip!" and they get ready for the final battle between good and evil, with Jacks and Aiden now siding with them.

Meanwhile, in the Metroville Hills, Mr. Incredible (now in his civilian disguise) is in the Parr house as Violet and Mrs. Incredible exit the building. After the two leave, Mr. Incredible turns around and says "You're an idiot for blowing the damn place up." as he turns around, and sees Scarecrow sitting on the opposite side of the table. Scarecrow then stays silent, and Mr. Incredible says "The timetable has changed. Our window is limited. We have two Level 6 Targets on our hands, and the worst part is that one of them is my son! Scarecrow, you'd better deliver on your promises." and Scarecrow responds "What about Dash? What should I do about him?" and Mr. Incredible responds "Do NOT kill Dash! He's my son, and I want him alive. Kill Clementine, kill Jacks, kill Aiden and anyone else who stands in your way! But listen to this instruction very carefully: Do. Not. Kill. Dash!" and Scarecrow says "Yes, sir." as he exits the house in the shadows, before saying "This Mind Chip better be worth the trouble!" as the camera shows a Mind Control Chip on Mr. Incredible's neck, revealing that Dash's family is not in control of their actions.

The game then switches to then next day, where Violet is walking in the streets with the Mayor of Metroville, who says "So, your brother is in league with a rebel group now?" and Violet responds "Yeah, but... This isn't the place to talk about it. The Council meeting will start in 16 hours, and we have a project that will deal with these terrorists!" and the Mayor says to her "Good, come here." and he whispers to her "Hail the Villain Armada." and he gets in a car, leaving Violet in the streets. However, Violet gets a call, and shee answers her cellphone. The caller is then revealed to be Jacks, who says "Hey, Violet. It's me, Jacks." and Violet asks him "Where are you?" and Jacks responds "13 meters, look to the left." as he is hiding in a crowd of bystanders. Violet then asks him "What do you want?" and Jacks says "Alleyway to the right, two spaces down. You and I are gonna take a ride, my uncle's waiting." and Violet asks "Why?" and Jacks responds "Because that New Incredibles Suit looks REALLY expensive, and I don't want to wash off the blood." as Violet looks at the building across the street, and she sees Dash crouching on the roof, with a Sniper trained on her.

The game then shows Violet get thrown out of a door on a high rooftop, and Dash zooms up to the roof while Clementine, Jacks and Aiden also surround Violet. Dash then says "How the fuck could you do this, Vi?! After all we've been through, every Invasion we stopped! All for this?!" and Clementine looks at the back of Violet's neck, seeing a Mind Control Chip on the back. Lee, seeing this, says "Restrain her!" and they grab her, while Lee rips the Mind Control Chip off of Violet's neck. Violet then falls to her knees and says "Oh, my head! Where... Dash, what's going on?" and Dash says "Vi, you're back!" and he hugs his sister, saying "I though you were turned evil..." and Violet responds "It was Scarecrow! He's been controlling us using these Inhibitor Chips!" and Aiden asks "Well, what did he say?" and Violet explains "He said something about an Algorithm, and Villain Armada Ships..." and Clementine asks "How many ships?" and Violet answers with "A massive Carrier Ship the size of a Helicarrier! Scarecrow said that the Ship has a huge, glass Algorithm Dome equipped with hundreds of Ozone's Algorithm Computer Chips. He wants to read the DNA of everyone on Earth, and he'll have enough to build the Fear Toxin out of Extinguished Dark Magic, and annihilate our species forever! The blast waves from the Carrier's Paladin Guns... They're planning to destroy Metroville and kill millions!" and everyone agrees they should get to the New Incredibles Tower, a massive 60-storey high Tower in the middle of the city.

The team then plans to break into the New Incredibles Tower and they plan to plant several Hacking Devices into the Carrier Ship, which is Scarecrow's New Flagship. After managing to get the Computer Chips after killing 3 Security Guards, they plan to split up. Dash then says "Alright, here's the plan. Violet, go to the top floor and meet with the Council, keep them under the impression that Scarecrow controls you. Here." and he passes her a Comm Device disguised as a Mind Control Chip. Dash then continues with the plan, saying "Aiden, you take the Wing Suit and cover the team on their approach to the Ships, the Suit is equipped with X23 Vulcan Missiles." and Violet says "Let me guess the next part: you and Clementine, who is your girlfriend, by the way, are going to get to the Ship as it takes off and destroy it using the Hacking Computer Chip?" and Dash says "Basically, yeah. By the way, I told Frozone this: Clementine is NOT my girlfriend, and if-" but he gets interrupted by Jacks, who says "Come on, our window is limited! I'll go to the Council with Violet, make sure it's clear for our backup to arrive." and they agree to the plan, splitting up through the massive Tower.

The game shows the massive Carrier Flagship that Scarecrow is going to use, and a PA announces "We are at final launch sequence. All staff are advised to clear the Landing Hall." as Syndrome is working on a computer in the War Room, saying "We are a go for guidance. Launch ready in two hours." as all the other R&D Members walk across the War Room and prepare the launch sequence. In the Main Hallway, Mr. Incredible meets with the President of the United States and the rest of the Council, and he says "Mr. President, it is my Honor to finally meet you. The Council Chamber is on the 60th Floor, if you'd follow me." as Mrs. Incredible and Violet (Violet is now masquerading the Mind Control) follow him and the President to the top floor of the Tower.

At the same time, the employees in the Control Room are having a conversation, but a loud pinging noise comes from their Headsets. The Technician then says "Must be the Dish. I'll go check it out!" as he heads for the door. However, the door opens to reveal Dash and Clementine with their guns trained on everyone in the room. Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible is on the 60th Floor of the Tower, saying to the Council "I knew that this occasion would be an amazing one. I know that Superhumans have had a lot of good rep recently and the worlds should be greatful. Now, we will defends the world with our latest weapon, the Carrier Flagship!" as he and the Council raise a celebration glass to the victory. However, the entire Tower's PA System is hacked by Dash, who says "Attention all New Incredibles Members and Council Members, this is Dashiell Parr. You've all heard a lot about me and my friends over the past few days, and some of you have even been ordered to hunt me down! But I think it's time you knew the truth: The New Incredibles Agency is NOT what we thought it was. It's been taken over secretly by the Villain Armada! Scarecrow is their leader. My family has been brainwashed and Mind Controlled to become Armada Agents as well! I don't know how many more are Armada, but I do know it's a lot of us and they're in the building! They could be standing right next to you, and they almost have what they want: total control! They shot Frozone, and are attempting to use the new Carrier Flagship to destroy the city with Scarecrow's Fear Toxin! If you launch that Flagship today, the Armada will be able to kill anyone who gets in their way... Unless we stop them! I know I'm asking a lot, but the price of freedom's high. And it's a price I'm willing to pay! If I'm the only one, so be it." and he turns to Clementine, before smiling and saying into the PA "But I'd bet my life that I'm not!" as he turns the PA off, and everyone heard the speech.

With the entire Council looking at Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, the President says "You smug bastards!" as Mr. Incredible takes out a gun, and several Armada Agents enter, aiming SMGs and Assault Rifles at the Council as Violet hides a pistol behind her back. In the War Room, the Phantom Soldier surprisingly enters and says "Syndrome, pre-empt the Launch Sequence! Send that Carrier Flagship up now!" and Syndrome hesitates, shaking his hands and mustering up enough courage to say "Never. I'm NOT launching that Ship!" and the Phantom Soldier takes out a gun, aiming it at the back of Syndrome's head and yelling "Move away from the Computer!" as all the staff in the room draw guns on each other, with one half being Heroes and others being Armada Agents. Syndrome then kicks the Phantom Soldier in the leg and taking cover under a table as the Armada Agents and Heroes pen fire on each other, and the Hero Troops charge towards the Carrier Flagship and getting into a huge firefight with Armada Agents. In the War Room, the Phantom Soldier and Syndrome fight, but Syndrome is uppercut by the Phantom Soldier, who then kicks him in mid-air and sends him flying into a computer screen and electrocuting him. The Phantom Soldier then gets on a Computer and inputs the Algorithm Codes, allowing the Carrier Flagship to launch as Dash and Clementine jump on to it and stow away as the hatches of the Hangar Bay open, and the Ship takes off, getting ready to destroy the City.

In the Council Chamber, Violet throws a Spike Drone at the Armada Agent, before pulling out a Pistol and shooting every other Agent. Violet then aims the Pistol at her father, managing to accurately shoot the Mind Control Chip on his neck. Mr. Incredible then falls to the ground, freed from the Mind Control as Jacks uses his uncle's Hacking Device to scramble the effects of the Mind Control Chip on Mrs. Incredible, freeing Dash's entire family from the Mind Control. Mr. Incredible then says "Jesus Christ... What have I done?! Scarecrow has had me under Mind Control!" as he gets up and looks at the Carrier Flagship, horrified at his inadvertent actions. Mr. Incredible then says "We need to try and use an Emergency Override on the Flagship! Scarecrow is on the ship and he is trying to pilot it! The guns are filled with Fear Toxin!" as Violet tries to contact Dash, saying "Dash, you there? Listen, the Flagship is armed with Toxin!!" and it shows Dash and Clementine charging through several explosions, missiles and Armada Troops and he says "Kind of busy right now, Vi! We're fighting for our lives here!!" as he jumps into the air, dodging an exploding Harrier Jet which kills several Armada Troops. Aiden then comes in on a Wingsuit and fires X23 Missiles at the enemies on the Ship, killing them all and allowing Dash and Clementine to advance. Aiden then finds a Quinjet following him, piloted by the Phantom Soldier who is firing Missiles at Aiden, who dodges the Missiles and deactivates the Wingsuit, and then jumping off the edge of the Carrier Flagship and firing a Stinger M7 MAAWS Missile, hitting the Quinjet and causing it to crash into the side of the Tower, but the Phantom Soldier jumps through a window on the 41st Floor.

Aiden then tries to fly away with the Wingsuit, but the Phantom Soldier fires a Grapple Hook, which hits latches on to one of the Wings. Aiden is then pulled into the 41st floor through a window, and the Phantom Soldier says "There are no prisoners with the Villain Armada. Just order, and order can only be achieved through pain! Are you ready for yours, Aiden Pearce?!" and Aiden gets up, responding to the question with "Man, shut the hell up!" as he and the Phantom Soldier fight while Dash and Clementine enter the Glass Algorithm Dome beneath the Flagship. Just as the two are about to implant the Hacking Device, they are shot at by an unidentifiable shooter. The two then look down to the bottom of the Dome and see Scarecrow, who Exo Boosts up to the Computer Chamber, fighting Dash and Clementine. After several minutes, Dash kicks Scarecrow down to the Dome, and Clementine goes to fight him as Dash implants the Hacking Device, but is then shot in the chest, stomach and back 3 times by Scarecrow, who is gripping Clementine by her neck. Dash then grabs a discarded M1 Irons COIL Revolver, and then shoots at Scarecrow while jumping through mid-air, and then landing and punching Scarecrow in the face, the force of the punch sending the Villain flying to the side, crashing to the floor of the Glass Algorithm Dome and cracking it. With Scarecrow out of commission and time running out, Dash contacts Violet and yells into the radio "Vi, launch the Counter Strike Missiles, now!" and Violet says "But, Dash-" and Clementine says through Dash's radio "Fire everything the Tower's weaponry has!! Do it! We'll find our way out!" and Violet activates the Tower Weapons Systems, with hundreds of Remote Turrets, MAWWS Swarm Missiles and Anti-Air ZPU Turrets to spawn from the Towet's roof, walls and windows.

Dash and Clementine then try to get to the Ship's Deck and get a Quinjet out of there, but the missiles and bullets are all launched, which causes massive explosions (and I mean GIGANTIC ones that would make Michael Bay jealous!) to destroy the Flagship's Armor and cause it to explode mildly and start plummeting towards the Tower. Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Jacks and the U.S. President then run for a Helipad, where Lee is waiting with a Chopper, and they all get on board, before taking off and watching as the Flagship falls, in flames and massive holes in it's Hull, Deck and Bridge. Just as Dash and Clementine run across the walkway for the Dome, a Stinger M7 Missile comes in and blows the walkway up, causing Dash and Clementine to fall 30 feet down and hit the surface of the Dome, and a massive Support Column falls right on Clementine, who screams in pain as she is also stabbed by a piece of re-bar. Dash, now wounded by the explosion and massive fall, lifts the Support Column off of Clementine and says "Clementine, we need to go! One more missile, and this thing will be blown to smithereens!" as he helps Clementine up and they both run, and Clementine asks him "Dash, why can't you use your Super-Speed?" and Dash responds "I'm too weak! The fall and explosions broke my momentum!" and they run for an Emergency Exit, but another explosion goes off, causing Dash to be blasted back right next to a massive hole of glass, with a 200,000 foot drop below into the Metroville Sea as the Carroer Flagship plummets towards the Tower in flames and falling, metal debris.

In the Tower, Aiden and the Phantom Soldier continue to fight, with Phantom Soldier throwing Aiden across the room and through a table, before standing over the injured Hero and saying "You are way out of your league, Pearce!" and Aiden sees that behind the Phantom Soldier, the Carrier Flagship can be seen from the window plummeting towards the Tower. Aiden then says "I'm counting on it!" as he gets up and runs in the opposite direction, and the Phantom Soldier turns around, only to see the Carrier Flagship hit the Tower and cause massive damage, and the Soldier follows Aiden, but is too slow, being squashed by the Carrier Flagship as it crashes and buries the Soldier under debris. Aiden then contacts Violet and says "Tell me you've got the Chopper in the air!" and Violet responds "Aiden, stay where you are!" and Aiden, running away as the Carrier crashes behind him, yells "NOT an option!!" and he dives out of a window, shattering it as Lee tips the Chopper to the side, allowing Aiden to hit it and land safely in the Chopper, before yelling "41st Floor! 41st!!" and Lee, piloting the Chopper, says "Not good with the Floor Numbers outside of the Tower!!" and he gets the Chopper out of there, while Violet, Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible fearfully look for Dash, and Violet yells into her radio "Dash! Clementine?! Where are you two?! If you can hear us, respond!!" as the Carrier Flagship goes right through the Tower, which collapses at the seems.

In the destroyed Algorithm Glass Dome underneath the burning and highly damaged Carrier Flagship, Clementine limps over to Dash and tries to get him up, but is too weak to do so. Clementine then says "Come on, Dash! We're almost out of here, the whole Flagship is gonna crash!!" and Dash says "Clem, I can't..." and Clementine says "Please, Dash... Try to get up!" and Dash tries to get up, groaning in pain as he sees on of the massive Collider Turbines for the Carrier Flagship explode, with a piece of the Turbine hanging by a thread above the Dome. Dash, realizing only one of them will make it out, says "Clem, I... I can't move. You need to go, now!" and Clementine grabs him and tries to pick him up, saying "Dash, I will NEVER leave you!!" and Dash says to her "I know, Clem. And you won't... Because I'm with you until the end of the line..." and Clementine looks at him in concern, but Dash just gives her a reassuring look and then the two kiss, but the Turbine debris falls, hitting the Dome and destroying it, causing Dash to fall 200,000 feet down as Clementine hangs off the Dome's Support Columns by one arm, and she watches in tears as Dash hits the Ocean below, causing him to plummet down into the deep water as flaming debris also fall into the water. As Dash slowly sinks to the river floor, Clementine jumps in from the Dome, and uses Exo Shield to land safely into the water and grab Dash, before swimming up to the surface and getting to a small piece of land as she and Dash gasp for breath, and she says "Dash... Are you okay?" and Dash breathes heavily, saying "Yeah... I think I am." and Clementine tells him "It's not the end of the line yet." as the Chopper comes in, with Lee, Jacks, Aiden, Violet, Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible and Syndrome in it, and Clementine helps Dash up, limping to the Chopper as Dash falls into unconsciousness, and the screen turns to black. However, the screen then shows the Carrier Ship about to crash into the Tower's Launching Bay, and Scarecrow lying on the destroyed Dome as he watches the New Incredibles get away in the Chopper, and Scarecrow salutes, before saying "Hail the Villain Armada..." before looking in horror as the Flagship's front hits the Launch Bay, blowing it in half and causing Scarecrow to die as he is crushed and buried in massive pieces of the destroyed Flagship.

The game then switches to 8 hours later, where Dash wakes up in Metroville Hospital, and he sees Clementine sitting next to the bed. Dash then says to her "On your left." and Clementine looks at Dash, and smiling, saying to him "Welcome back, Dash." and Dash asks "How long was I out?" and Clementine responds "About 8 hours. The doctors said you're lucky to be alive. According to the Medical Examiner, you had: 5 pieces of shattered shrapnel in your stomach, chest and ribs. A lacerated kidney, shattered rib cage, destroyed collarbone and 6 puncture wounds, along with 3 high-caliber gunshot wounds." and Dash says "What about you? Wasn't your rib cage shattered by that Support Column?" and Clementine teasingly says "Hey, I guess I'm just tougher than you." and the two laugh, and Dash says "We're strongest together, Clem. As friends and as a team." and they stay in the Hospital as the TV shows coverage of the Battle at New Incredibles Tower. Seeing the News Broadcast saying "This Battle will most likely fuel heavy debate and controversy over the War Against the Villain Armada. The New Incredibles Initiative released a statement today, confirming that the amount of Armada Cells in the United States skyrocketed during the Battle of Metroville, but have now declined heavily. The Hero Coalition also confirmed this and established Checkpoints across 30 States from Illinois to California, in order to hunt and root out any remaining Armada Cells." and then Clementine turns the TV off, and looks at Dash. Seeing her bruised and scarred boyfriend, Clementine smiles at him and says "So, Dash... What are you gonna do, when you're not saving The Multiverse?" and Dash shrugs and answers "I guess I'm just gonna settle down with my Family, in our old House. That big one in the County Hills?" and Clementine laughs, then kisses him on the forehead and says "You've got bruises and scars all over your damn body." as Dash laughs slightly, saying "My arm doesn't feel good either." as he looks at his broken arm which is now in a cast and Clementine tells him "Yeah, it broke once you slammed down into the Metroville River. The Doctors said they'll let you go tomorrow, but you need to take it much easier from now on. Alright?" and then she affectionately and gently grips Dash's broken arm, and the boy playfully responds "Yes, ma'am." as the two kiss each other on the lips again affectionately. As he kisses Clementine softly and starts to sit up, the latter laughs and says "Dash, you should try and rest! Don't even move, alright?" and then Dash starts laughing as well, saying "Hey, I'm a Mutant. My Nervous System is better than a normal Human one!" as he looks over and notices Clementine is the only other person in the Private Ward they are staying in, and then Dash asks "Where's everyone else?" as Clementine answers "They're over at the White House, telling the Government to go and fuck themselves. They said that I could stay overnight, you'll be released tomorrow morning. You alright?" and Dash responds "With you here, it makes all this pain worth it." as the two stay in their Private Ward.

The game then switches to Dash, Clementine and Lee as they stand in the Cemetery in front of Frozone's Grave, and Lee says from behind them "So, Syndrome's experienced this kind of thing too!" and Dash responds "Looks that way. I guess he got use to it and decided to come back." and they all stand at the Grave, mourning Frozone. Lee then says "We've been data mining the Armada's Files, looks like a LOT of rats didn't go down with the Flagship. I'm heading for Chicago tonight, Aiden and Jacks are coming with me. Wanted to ask if you'd come too." and Dash, after thinking it over for a minute, declines and says "There's something I need to do first, someone I gotta hunt." and Lee turns to Clementine, asking "How about you, Clem? You up for it?" and Clementine responds "I'm going to stay here, in Metroville. Seems like Dash and his family could use some help." and Lee says "Alright, then. You two take care of each other." as he walks to his car, and Clementine says to Dash "You should be honored that's the closest he gets to saying 'thank you'." and Dash says "So, you're staying with me, then?" and Clementine pulls out a Document marked 'CLASSIFIED' and hands it to Dash, saying "Called in a few favors from Aiden, he delivered on the promise." and Dash opens the File, revealed to be an analysis of the New Incredibles Tower remains, and Clementine says "The Phantom Soldier wasn't anywhere in the ruins. He must have used his Teleportation to escape, or used his Magnetism to redirect the Carrier Flagship." and Dash says "Thanks, Clem. I don't know how I'm gonna repay you." and Clementine says "Just be careful, Dash. Don't underestimate a Phantom." and she kisses him on the cheek, and says "So... When do we start this new mission?" and Dash looks at the file again, before responding "We just did" as the game ends and the credits roll, setting up the chain of events for Incredibles: The Phantom Soldier.

Post-Credits Scene (War Of Heroes: Dawn of The Armada Teaser) Edit

After the credits roll, the game switches to a massive chamber deep underground, and a Armada Troop walks up to a massive stairway and gets on his knees, weakened and battered by the battle that had just occurred, and he says "Sir, they... Dash and Clementine, well... They were too strong, sir! They destroyed the Carrier Flagship, and killed Scarecrow! Our two greatest assets are literally crashed right in the middle of the city. To challenge Dash and Clementine now, is to court death!" and a man in a black cloak sits on a massive throne made of corpses and detached limbs, saying "You think that the Carrier Flagship's fall and Scarecrow's death hinders the Armada? Don't make me laugh." and the Soldier says "But, sir! We lost the Algorithm, all of it! The Incredibles and their allies destroyed everything!!" and the man stands up and throws his cloak off, which falls down the side like a feather, and the man, now revealed as Ozone (who is alive and well), takes out a Desert Eagle 50.CAL Pistol, before shooting the Soldier in the chest, who falls to the ground and lies in a pool of blood, and Ozone says "Fine. I'll do it myself!" as he reaches into a small Containment Vault in front of the Throne, and takes out Loki's Scepter, which contains the Mind Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones, inside it, and Ozone looks into it with awe. The screen then cuts to black, teasing the next game.

Sequel Edit

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