The Infinity Console is an 8th gen console that will be released on June 10. It costs 400$ and 220£. It comes in 2 colours: white/red and red/white. It was inspired by the PS4 and the Xbox One. 20 games will be released at its realese.

On Infinity Console's online InfinityNetwork uses the consoles built in can play 8 player multiplayer. You can send messages through friend accounts. You can also buy demos, games and add ons in the store. You can also watch Netflix movies achievements can be earned in gameplay.

The controller looks a lot like the dual shock 3 but a bit smoother like the dual shock 4. It comes in 3 colours: white, red and clear. It also has a speaker in it. It can also glow in the dark.

The Infinity Console's camera less motion uses a 2 special button less controllers and a feet pads. This is used in many sport games. It costs 50$ and 30£.

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