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Infinity Attack on Earth

Infinity War: Attack on Earth is an alternate version of the hit Infinity War game, and essentially a sequel/reboot of the series. The game follows a new protagonist, John Connor (Infinity War), as he teams up with Clementine Everett (Infinity War) in order to stop Ultron's Invasion on Earth, which started The War of The Multiverse. With the fate of Earth at stake, John and Clementine must assemble their allies if they ever hope to stop Ultron and his Terminator Legion. The game is exclusive to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Synopsis Edit

The year is 2014, and the world is now in a state of peace and prosperity, after the Second Russian Civil War ends in British and American victory, and a Peace Treaty between two great nations is in effect. However, this peace is halted when the sentient Artificial Intelligence, Ultron, hijacks a new Cyberdyne Project known as the Genisys Program, and attempts to destroy Earth using Nuclear Missiles. Two Heroes, John Connor and Clementine Everett must now work together and stop Ultron and his Terminator Legion.

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