The J-STORM English logo
Developer J-Games
Console type Home console
Forwards compatibility None

The J-STORM is a fan-made video game console created by J-Games and released on October 3, 2014. The system is almost entirely based upon internet connectivity, as users of the console all live together in a metropolis entitled Storm City. Every user gets one avatar, and a username, and their own house to customize and show off to others. As the system is, in itself, a game, players can interact with the other users, customize their avatars, buy DLC or download-exclusive games, or, simply, play games. Each retail game acts as a "world" for the system, and the player jumps through a portal when commanded to play the game.

The J-STORM console uses a new internet connectivity brand, dubbed the THUNDERSTORM. With THUNDERSTORM, players use special J-Coins to purchase items, DLC or games. Like Xbox Points, Nintendo Network/Playstation Store Dollars, J-Coins can be bought in the store (10 points = US$5), as well as won through contests held by J-Games and other video game developers.

The J-STORM currently competes against the Nintendo Wii U, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

List of GamesEdit

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J-Games game box - Reversal J-Games game box - Subspace Exodus J-Games game box - HW2 Links Awakening Adventure
J-Games game box - Assassination Classroom Chaos TimeJ-Games game box - DRAE Game Over GirlJ-Games game box - Hyrule Warriors 2J-Games game box - Mario Kart NXJ-Games game box - Mario Kart DimensionsJ-Games game box - Mario Kart UltimateJ-Games game box - My Animal CrossingJ-Games game box - PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyaleJ-Games game box - Pokemon PDJ-Games game box - Pokken Tournament 2J-Games game box - Rose WarriorsJ-Games game box - Super Smash Bros 20 AnniversaryJ-Games game box - Super Smash Bros Strife

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