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Full Name Jack Walker
Current Age 11
Date of Birth June 15th, 2003
Gender Male
Species Human
Hometown San Diego, California, USA
Class Deadkiller Specialist
Main Weapon(s) Razorback SMG (Recon Scope, Laser Sight, Extended Mag)
Debut War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Expert Marksman
Affiliation(s) The Hero Coalition
Alias(es) Ghost 3-0
Relation(s) David Walker (father)
Unknown mother
Logan Walker (uncle)
Elias Walker (grandfather)

"Is it true? Do you think Rick and his guys killed our Soldiers?"

- Jack asking Clementine about the Rogue Deadkillers

Jack Walker, also known as Ghost 3-0, is a confirmed character in the upcoming Ubisoft-Pixar Game, War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead. He is the son of David Walker (protagonist of Call of Duty: Ghosts) and an unknown woman, and the grandson of Elias Walker. As a member of the Deadkillers, an Elite Squadron of Soldiers within The Hero Coalition whose sole mission is to annihilate the Walker Army that invaded Earth-23000 during the War Against the Villain Armada, Jack has a high amount of respect within the Coalition.

His rank within the Deadkillers is Specialist, as he has killed many Walkers and is extremely efficient in Sabotage and stopping The Villain Armada, having been trained by his father in hand-to-hand combat and use of Weapons.

Appearance Edit

Jack has blonde hair, blue eyes and he is Caucasian. It is pointed out by Clementine Everett, at one point in War Of Heroes: A New Dawn, with her saying "He looks more like Logan" (Logan is his uncle, as he is the son of David 'Hesh' Walker). He wears a dark red Hoodie with a black shirt underneath, and black jeans along with black Combat Boots. As stated before, he bears a strong resemblance to Logan Walker.

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