Full Name Jackson Pearce
Age 11 (Collision of Worlds)
12 (Collision of Worlds II)
Alias(es) Jacks
Hair Colour   Brown
Eye Colour   Blue
Ethnicity Caucasian
Relation(s) Nicole Pearce (mother)

Aiden Pearce (uncle)
Clementine Everett (love interest)

Jackson Pearce is a character in Incredibles: Collision Of Worlds and it's sequel, Incredibles: Collision Of Worlds II. He is a member of the Hero Coalition and fights to defend Earth and the Multiverse against the massive Villain Armada. He appears in all COW Games, which are somewhat canon to Call Of The Watch Dogs: Brink of Annihilation and it's subsequent sequel, War Of Heroes: The New Order.

In an Alternate Universe on Earth-2134, the Hero Coalition actually won the War Against the Villain Armada thanks to the convenient timing of the Multiverse Collision Battle, where Jacks and his teammates, Clementine Everett (Collision of Worlds), Dashiell Parr and Daryl Dixon, killed thousands of Armada Troops and Walkers (Zombies) and killed Ultimate Underminer, causing a massive Nexus Explosion that destroyed Earth-216 (the Earth where the Armada won the War) and reverted the Multiverse Timeline, causing the Armada to be destroyed.

Jacks later returned to a normal life in the City of St. Louis, Illinois. He is also in a romantic relationship with Clementine Everett. Jacks also hunts the Armada's remains across the Multiverse.

Appearance Edit

Jacks has dark brown hair, blue eyes and he is Caucasian. He wears a blue hoodie with a black shirt underneath, along with grey jeans and black sneakers. Jacks also wears his iconic black cap backwards on his head. In Incredibles: Collision Of Worlds II, Jacks doesn't have his appearance from The New Order, and instead has the appearance listed above.

Character Relationships Edit

Clementine Everett Edit

During the events of Incredibles: Collision Of Worlds, this was the first time Jacks and Clementine actually met in the series' canon. However, the two immediately struck up an allied relationship and helped Daryl Dixon and Dashiell Parr to stop Underminer and Carver in the Multiverse Collision Battle.

After the Defeat of Underminer and the Shattered Nexus Explosion, Jacks went back to his own Dimension without Clementine. In the intro to Call Of The Watch Dogs: Multiverse Wars, Jacks reunited with Clementine after a whole year and was immediately relieved to see her again. After telling her about his sister, Lena's death, Clementine also told him about her parents' death. After an emotional conversation, the two shared a kiss and are now considered to be in a romantic relationship.

Defeating the Villain Armada (Events of Collision of Worlds) Edit

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