Full Name Jackson Kent Pearce
Current Age 11
Date of Birth November 20th, 2003
Gender Male
Species Human-Mutant Hybrid
Hometown San Francisco, CA (Resistance HQ)
Class Resistance Soldier
Main Weapon(s) R101-C Assault Rifle (HCOG Sight, Extended Magazine)
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Cryokinesis
Expert Marksmanship
Affiliation(s) The Hero Resistance
Alias(es) Lone Wolf
Relation(s) Clementine Everett (love interest)
Nicole Pearce (mother, deceased)
Unknown Father (deceased)

"I've been wandering the Ruins of Earth ever since I was 6 years old. I was alone, starving, cold and with nothing... Until you came, Clementine. Like you did with so many others, you've given me hope... And a Future to fight for."

- Jacks confessing his feelings to Clementine Everett, during the Alternate War Against the Villain Armada

Jackson Pearce, most commonly called Jacks, is the main protagonist of Call Of The Watch Dogs: Future Warfare, and a member of The Hero Resistance on Earth-650, fighting against the Villain Armada of Earth-650 during the Alternate War Against the Villain Armada, an event which happened on Earth-650 after The Villain Armada was defeated across various Realities in The Multiverse.

Born on Earth-650 after the Nuclear Attack by the New Armada, Jacks' whole life was defined by fear, pain and death. After wandering the Ruins of the United States for years, the 11 year old Jacks was saved from an Armada Patrol by Clementine Everett, a girl his age who became his mentor and protector, teaching him various Military Tactics while also looking after him in the Hero Resistance HQ, where several Soldiers bullied Jacks due to the fact he is a 'Mutant', a Hybrid between a Human and a Superhuman.

Jacks is capable of using Cryokinesis, which allows him to control Ice and Snow to his will, and this Power makes him a critical asset during the War for Earth-650. After a couple months of fighting against the Villain Armada, Jacks eventually developed feelings for Clementine and later entered a romantic relationship with her.

Appearance Edit

Jacks has dark brown hair which is long and goes down to the bottom of his neck, icy blue eyes and he is a Caucasian Male. In Call Of The Watch Dogs: Future Warfare, he wears a black Military Trench Coat strapped with Ammo Clips and Weapon Holsters, holding an Enforcer Electro-Baton on the back and he also wears ripped black cargo pants with black Combat Boots (basically he's a prepubescent, Military version of Batman). He also sports Cryo Gauntlets in his hands which extend the range and strength of Cryokinetic Beams, and he of course wears his iconic black Baseball Cap.

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