Full Name Jackson Pearce
Age 12 (as of The New Order)
Alias(es) Jacks
Hair Colour   Brown
Eye Colour   Blue
Ethnicity Caucasian
Relation(s) Aiden Pearce (uncle)
Nicole Pearce (mother)
Clementine Everett (love interest)

Jackson Kent Pearce, more commonly known as Jacks, is a character in the War Of Heroes Series. Before the series began, Jacks played a major side role in Ubisoft's 2014 game, Watch Dogs. He is a major character in the WOH Franchise and is a member of The Hero Coalition, which later became the Hero Resistance after the Coalition was defeated and destroyed by the Armada in the War Against the Villain Armada.

Jacks is the nephew to Aiden Pearce and the son of Nicole Pearce, he has a deceased younger sister named Lena. In the War Of Heroes: The New Order prequel, Call Of The Watch Dogs: Brink of Annihilation, Jacks is in a romantic relationship with Clementine Everett, another member of the Hero Coalition (and main character of The Walking Dead series of video games).

Appearance Edit

Jacks has dark brown hair, blue eyes and he is Caucasian. He always wears a blue hoodie with a black shirt underneath, with grey jeans and black sneakers. He also wears his iconic black cap backwards on his head.

After the Battle of Metroville and the Destruction of The Hero Coalition, Jacks' appearance changes slightly. In War Of Heroes: The New Order, his hair is longer and goes down to his shoulders, and his hoodie is filled with bullet holes, and he has a huge scar going across the left side of his head. Also, his voice gets deeper in The New Order, with a more gruff tone to it, and one of his eyes is extremely bloodshot.

Events of Watch Dogs Edit

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Events of Brink of Annihilation Edit

3 months after the beginning of the War Against the Villain Armada, Jacks is a major combatant within the Hero Coalition, which is a massive army of Heroes fighting against the Armada, which is an army of Villains sent to destroy Earth.

Just as the tide of the War was about to turn in the Coalition's favour, the Villain Armada launched a large-scale surprise Attack on Metroville, the 'City of Heroes'. This invasion destroyed some parts of the city, and Jacks was sent in along with Clementine, Lee, Griggs, Aiden, Price, Ghist and Soap, along with a massive Army of Hero Troops known as Divison 227, in a Assault Ship (a huge Ship carrying a massive amount of Troops, cargo and weaponry) over the Metroville Airspace to push back against the Villain Armada and turn the tide of the War.

Defeat of The Armada (Alternate Universe) Edit

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