Jake Pearce
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Full Name Jake Pearce
Current Age 11
Date of Birth December 13th, 2017
Gender Male
Species Human
Hometown Haddonfield, Illinois, USA Ruins
Class Hero Novice
Main Weapon(s) Remington Model 870 Shotgun
ARAK-17 Assault Rifle
Debut War Of Heroes: Dimensional Warfare
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Adept Marksmanship and Hunting Skills
Affiliation(s) The Hero Coalition
Villain Slayers
Alias(es) 'Ozone III' (by Clementine Everett)
Relation(s) Jackson Pearce (father)
Unknown Mother
Clementine Everett (adoptive mother)
Portrayed by Oliver Bell

"Clem, I have to ask... What happened to my Dad?"

- Jake talking to Clementine Everett in War Of Heroes: Dimensional Warfare

Jake Pearce is a newly introduced Protagonist within the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe (specifically the Ubisoft-Pixar Revised Continuity), and the main character in War Of Heroes: Dimensional Warfare. He is the son of Hero Knight Jackson Pearce and an unknown woman, and later being adopted by Jacks' former love interest, Clementine Everett, during his infancy. Jake is a highly skilled and adept Hero Novice because of his upbringing by Clementine after the War Against the Villain Armada, as the former Hero trained Jake in the use of Futuristic Weaponry and even taught him about Hunting.

Being born after the Destruction of The Villain Armada, Jake is very unaware of what life was like before the War began, often questioning life concepts and Technology from the Old Multiverse before the Great Invasion of Earth-135. He is also very unaware that his grandfather was in fact, Ozone (the Armada Lord during the War Against the Villain Armada), and does not know how his father Jackson Pearce died during the Battle of San Francisco.

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