Joe Richardson
Joe Richardson

Character Info

Height: Tall
Age: 21
Role: Your Best Friend/Side-Kick
How to Unlock: Default
Stages: All Main Story Stages
Other Appearances: *Paintball Arena BOT set
*The Airport BOT set
*The Chinatown BOT set
~Accuracy: 6/15
~Speed: 9/15
~Stamina: 8/15
~Health: 100hp

Joe Richardson is your 21 year old best friend and side-kick in Side Scroll. He appears in all the Main Story Levels and is a default character for Arcade Mode


Joe Richardson is a sporty, musical guy who loves performing and lives for the applause. He is very passionate about sport and music but he isn't however so academic. He wants to become a singer/songwriter in the future. He met yourself and Hannah at High School and you've stayed close friends since. This is your first holiday together, but little did you all know what an adventure it'd turn out to be ...


Main StoryEdit

  • Intro: He checks in with yourself and Hannah at the airport before all the lights go out and the Main Story starts.
  • Level 1: He is with you in the storage cupboard that you wake up in. Together you must escape from this room and go and find Hannah. You three then go and battle the terrorists and rescue the hostages allowing you to continue with the story.
  • Level 2: He works alongside yourself and Hannah throughout the mission. When you have to protect Zhao's family, he will help shoot those who try and stop you. And he will also fight Ke Chen's group when you are trying to get the Necklace.

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