John Parr
Ian Etheridge
John in the upcoming Untitled War Of Heroes Crossover
Full Name John Jackson Parr
Current Age 13
Date of Birth March 21st, 2003
Gender Male
Species Mutant Hero Knight
Hometown Metroville Ruins, IL, United States of America
Class Hero Knight
Main Weapon(s) R70 Ajax Laser LMG (Red Dot Scope, Laser Coolant, Beam Amp)
Debut Untitled War Of Heroes Crossover
Current Status(es) Alive
Affiliation(s) The Hero Coalition
Villain Slayers
Alias(es) The Wolf
Relation(s) Dashiell 'Dash' Parr (twin brother)
Violet Parr (sister)
Jack Parr (Multiverse Conduit)
John Connor (Second Conduit)
Jackson Pearce (Third Conduit)
Portrayed by Ian Etheridge

"My name's John Parr. You're Clementine Everett, aren't you?"

- John upon meeting Clementine Everett

John Jackson Parr is a newly revealed character and main protagonist in an upcoming Ubisoft-Pixar game simply known as the Untitled War Of Heroes Crossover taking place within the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe and possibly Ubisoft-Pixar Revised Continuity depending on which characters appear. John is a member of the Parr Family fighting for The Hero Coalition during the War Against the Villain Armada, and he is also a member of the Villain Slayers commanded by Clementine Everett. He is also a 'Multiversal Conduit' of 3 other Protagonists: Jack Johnson Parr (the Parr Family he belongs to by blood), John Connor (Brain and Memories) and Jackson Pearce (Thoughts and appearance) and he is classed as being all 3 Heroes mixed into one body, making him a unique member of the United Dimensions Coalition.

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