Just Dance: Central Party is a video game coming in June 19, 2012

Track ListEdit

 The game contains 52 tracks.
Song   Artist   Year   Mode   Menu Square  
Teeage Dream Katy Perry 2010 Solo
Closer Ne-Yo 2008 Solo
Big Girls Don't Cry Fergie 2007 Duet
Move Your Body Karla Cheatham-Mosley, Shaun Taylor-Corbett, Kimee Balmilero, Curtis Cregan and Jennifer Korbee (Hi-5) 2003 Dance Crew
Only Girl (in the World) Rihanna 2010 Solo
1 Thing Amerie 2005 Solo
You Got It (The Right Stuff) New Kids on the Block 1988 Dance Crew
West End Girls Pet Shop Boys 1984 Duet
The Rhythm of the Night Corona 1993 Solo
Far Away Nickelback 2006 Dance Crew
I Wanna Be With You Mandy Moore 2000 Solo
Get On Your Feet Dora the Explorer 2005 Solo
Twist and Shake It Ben Wheeler and Tara Chinn (The Girly Team) 2008 Duet
Get Ready to Wiggle The Wiggles 1998 Dance Crew
Yeah! Usher featuring Lil Jon and Ludacris 2004 Solo
Red Alert Basement Jaxx 1999 Duet
Just Mario Ubisoft Meets Nintendo 2011 Solo
Baby Don't Stop Now Anja 2011 Solo
If I Had You Adam Lambert 2010 Solo
Come Rain Come Shine Jenn Cuneta 2005 Dance Crew
Rango Theme Song Los Lobos 2011 Duet
Music Sounds Better With You Stardust 1998 Solo
Love Don't Cost a Thing Jennifer Lopez 2000 Solo
It's Not My Time 3 Doors Down 2008 Dance Crew
Welcome The Blind Boys of Alabama 2003 Solo
Pure Shores All Saints (The Girly Team) 1999 Duet
Bust a Move Young MC 1989 Solo
Crong, Watch Out! Pororo the Little Penguin 2011 Duet
Soul Searchin' Groove Century 1979 Solo
Ready for Anything The Backyardigans 2006 Dance Crew
Ridin' Chamillionaire featuring Krazie Bone 2005 Solo
Glad You Came The Wanted 2011 Dance Crew
Stop! In the Name of Love The Supremes 1965 Duet
Jambo Mambo Ole Orquesta 1997 Duet
Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song) Enrique Iglesias 2007 Solo
Get It Together The Go! Team 2004 Solo
Yatta! Green Leaves 2001 Dance Crew
By the Way Red Hot Chili Peppers 2002 Solo
Viva La Vida Coldplay 2008 Duet
Hooked on a Feeling Blue Swede 1974 Dance Crew
Marcia Baila Les Rita Mitsouko 1985 Solo
Last One to Die Rancid 2009 Dance Crew
La Bamba Maya & Miguel 2004 Duet
Boomsday Sweat Invaders 2011 Solo
Lips of an Angel Hinder 2005 Solo
Fillmore! Ookla the Mok 2002 Duet
Don't You (Forget About Me) Simple Minds 1985 Dance Crew
Little L Jamiroquai 2001 Solo
Fire Burning Sean Kingston 2009 Duet
Maps Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2004 Solo
Don't Let Go (Love) En Vogue (The Hit Crew) 1996 Solo
Chaotic Dancing Bros. 2006 Dance Crew

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