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Just Dance: House
Developer Potter Games
Publisher Potter Games
Platform Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4
Genre Dance, Rhythm, Exercise
Release Unknown
Modes 1-4 players (Main Game)
Any amount of players (Online)
ESRB: E 10+
PEGI: 12
Media Optical Disc & Digital Download

Just Dance: House is a rhythm/dance game that also incorporates parts of the exercise genre. It is a part of the Just Dance series and the game is not set in any particular time period, although the majority of songs are from recent years.


The game concept is to simply mirror the on-screen dancer whilst they complete a dance routine to various songs. The players are monitored by a small camera which comes with the game, monitoring their whole body in order to make the scores more accurate. Scores are judged by how closely and in time the players copy the dancer(s). There will also be several gold moves which players can earn extra points for if completed correctly. After they have completed the dance, their scores will be compared and they all equate to give the group the relative amount of DANCE points, which can then be spent in the shop. Statistics are also recorded for players who register themselves with a dance card on the console - up to 20 cards are available per console.


There are various modes in which players can partake in the game:

Just DanceEdit

This is the simplest game mode and is basically a free play mode. You can dance to any track in any order with any type of dance mode.

Type of Dance ModesEdit

  • Classic - Original dance to the track
  • Mash-Up - A mix of various moves and characters from other songs
  • Extreme - A high energy version of the dance
  • On-Stage - The dance performed by the actual artists when performing at various events will be what the players copy
  • Extra - These are all the extra ones, that aren't found on most tracks (Chair, Charleston, Hold My Hand & Clap)

Dancer VariationsEdit

  • Solo - A single dancer is on screen and everyone copies them
  • Duet - Players choose one of the two dancers and work in pairs to complete the dance
  • Crew - 4 dancers will be on screen and each player copies a different one

Just SweatEdit

This is the game mode more focused on the fitness aspect of the game. Players will select what level of workout they wish to play and for how long. The game will then order a workout that includes a warm-up and cool-down dance. Players progress will be monitored and this can be used to create a long-term exercise programme.

Just ShopEdit

This is the shop area of the game in which players can purchase new tracks, new versions of currently owned tracks and also purchase other character icons.

Just BattleEdit

In this 2-player game mode, players select one of the various battle matches and they then dance against each other. The tracks will be mash-up tracks of two songs and the each of the two dancers will be associated to each one. Whoever scores the most points at the end wins the round. Players can then battle for as many rounds as they wish.

Just MinigamesEdit

This game mode allows the players to participate in various minigame whilst dancing along to the tracks. The various minigames are:

  • Simon Says - Through out the song, dancers will be asked to suddenly do a move not part of the song, players get more point for reacting quickly. Moves include: Clap, Spin, Jump & Shake.
  • FREEZE! - Every now and again, the game will tell certain players to freeze, they most do so otherwise they will start to lose points.
  • Free Style - There will be no set moves for this gamemode and players must come up with the dance moves themselves. The game will analyse the movements and rank players at the end on who was the most creative.
  • Just Twerk - Due to the recently hype over twerking. There will be two 15-second periods in the songs players are dancing to where they must just simply twerk.

Just TeamsEdit

This mode allows for up to 8 people to dance at the same time. Players pair up and one of them starts dancing. At various points during the dance, they will be required to switch with their partner who is currently not dancing. They then both receive the same score.

The World-Wide Dance-FloorEdit

This is an online mode where players from around the world dance to songs and try to beat each other. The track they dance to is randomly selected by the server running the World-Wide Dance-Floor.


* indicates the song has appeared on a previous game


Song Artist Year Difficulty Mode Versions
Heroes (We Could Be) Alesso Feat. Tove Lo 2014 Easy Duet *Classic


Song Artist How to Unlock Year Difficulty Mode Versions
Cool Alesso Feat. Roy English 200 DANCE Coins 2015 Medium Solo *Classic

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