Justice Hunt

Character Info

Height: Tall
Age: 55
Role: Pilot/Undercover NPA Agent
How to Unlock: Get Gold in Level 1
Stages: *Level 1
*Level 2
Other Appearances: *The Airport BOT set
*The Chinatown BOT set
~Accuracy: 13/15
~Speed: 6/15
~Stamina: 5/15
~Health: 150hp

Justice Hunt is a 55 year old pilot who also works as an Undercover NPA Agent in Side Scroll. He appears in the first level of the story mode, as well as then appearing in various other levels of the story mode.


Justice Hunt had spent the first few years of his adult life, traveling around the world. He visited many lands, met many people, and picked up many skills. He then decided that he was unhappy about the levels of crime around the world, so he then went and joined the National Protection Service (NPA). He has been on many missions around the world, the most recent of which was going undercover as a pilot to carry out a fraud investigation on the airport's manager. Little did he know what a big mission this would then lead onto ...


Main StoryEdit

  • Level 1: He appears at the end of the mission in which he guides you, Joe and Hannah away from the airport in order to make the events that have just occurred clearer.
  • Level 2: He appears in the cut scene at the beginning of this episode, in which he gives you a rough guide about the mission as well as directions to get to the Secret NPA Safehouse. He then also appears in the outro scene where he congratulates you on your success, before sharing some information about the next mission's location.


  • He is a cameo character from the MySims series, and his page is located here.

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