Karma Akabane
Full Name Karma Akabane
Date of Birth December 25
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Male
Species Human
Hometown Tokyo, Japan
Class Student
Debut Service Time
Current Status(es) Alive
Affiliation(s) Class 3-E
Alias(es) Chuunihan

Karma Akabane (Japanese: 赤羽 業 Akabane Karuma) is a major protagonist of the Japanese manga and anime series Assassination Classroom. He is a student of Korosensei taught at Kunugigaoka Junior High School. Notably, he was the first of the students to deal damage to Korosensei. He is primarily voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto and Austin Tindle in Japanese and English, respectively.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Karma stands at 175cm (5'9"), which is fairly tall for a junior high school student. He has pale skin, with short red hair and piercing golden eyes. He has a slender build, though has been shown to have sharp, almost canine-like teeth. He is most commonly seen with a calm, almost smug smile on his face.

In the Assassination Classroom anime, the girls of Class 3-E consider Karma to be the most attractive male in their class.


Though he has an innocent appearance, Karma is infamous throughout Kunugigaoka Junior High for his violent behaviour. He has trust issues, as he was "betrayed" by his trusted teacher, and as such no longer trusts those that call themselves "teachers". Though he does have good morales; as he saved a Class E student from a gang of bullies, thus earning him a place in said class.

Karma is almost always calm and relaxed, though he has no qualms about fighting his friends or classmates. Because of his intelligence, he is arrogant and lazy, being the reason behind his calm demeanour.


Assassination Classroom: Chaos TimeEdit


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