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Jago in the Tiger Temple

In 2017 or 2020, we will be getting the final nine characters for Killer Instinct X-Box One as apart of the third and final season. It includes the other four original characters from Killer Instinct 2 and five brand new characters.

Season Three Character ListEdit

Old, new and Geast Characters!
Kim Wu : A descendent of the original Kim Wu, and a Yakusa boss in her early to late twenties.
Tusk : A barbarian and Maya`s husband.
Eyedol : A giant two headed Cyclops with long necks, goat like bottom half and a club for his main weapon. He's also the sworn rival of Gargos.
Gargos : A red deamon like gargoyle with magical powers and abilities that rival that of his equal adversary Eyedol.
Count Vlad Drago : The first true vampire who is emouned to sunlight, garlic, crosses and holy water. He is however weakened by silver, fire and the bite of a werewolf. His rivals are Saberwolf, Cinder, Black Orchid, Jago, Glacius, Maya, Tusk, T.J. Combo, Chief Thunder and Kim Wu.
The Gillman : A half human half parana mutant creation by Ultratech, rival of Riptor, Glacius and Maya.
Master Chief : A guest character from the Halo videogame series.
Fulgore-X : A more powerful and female version of the usual male Fulgore`s who's programmed to take out Black Orchid, Maya and Kim Wu.
EyeGar : The fusion and hybrid clone of both Eyedol & Gargos with all three heads, four arms, dragon like wing's & tail, a spikey club& fire breath. His rivals are Eyedol, Gargos , Black Orchid, Jago, Maya, Tusk& Omen. 

Notes and ErrorsEdit

Master Chief is the first ever gueast character in Killer Instinct. Also, Fulgore-X`s theme music tends to glitch whenever she faces either her male counterpart, Shadow Jago, Aria, Eyedol, Gargos and or EyeGar. Why this happens almost everytime she faces any of these final bosses has never been explained nor fixed, but luckily that is the only problem.

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