King Goomba
King Goomba's basic appearance
Gender Male
Species Goomba
Hometown  ???
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Various
Main Element(s)  ???
Debut Paper Mario (2000)
Current Status(es) Alive
Affiliation(s) Goomba
Alias(es)  ???
Relation(s) Goomba (species)

King Goomba, also known as the Goomba King and Goomboss, is one of the first bosses that Mario and Goombario encounter in Paper Mario. He later reprises his role as a boss in the games Super Mario 64 DS and Mario Kart DS. It is noted that he is one of the only Paper Mario series characters that returned in other Mario games, along with Koopatrols and the Star Spirits. His name is a portmanteau of "Goomba" and "boss".


Mario Kart seriesEdit

Mario Kart: Mega Mash-UpEdit

King Goomba appears as an unlockable character. He is a large racer and his karts and bikes will follow a brown and gold (sometimes also red) colour scheme. You can unlock him by Gold on the150cc Shell Cup

He will do the following to each stat in whatever kart or bike he rides:

  • Speed: +1
  • Weight: +3
  • Acceleration: +1
  • Handling: +1


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