Kingdom Hearts X Kid Icarus is a Crossover game by Nintendo and Sqaure Enix it is set for to be on the Wii U


The Game Takes Place after Kingdom Hearts 3 [yes i know its not out yet this is so i can include the lost six [Roxas,Ven,Terra,Aqua,Namine and Xion ] and Kid Icarus Uprising the world's where at peace until a mysterious Force sucks the People of the Kingdom Hearts Universe into the Kid Icarus Universe and to make matters worse somehow both the Heartless,Nobodys and the Underworld Army now Sora and Pit must work together to find out whats going on and stop this evil . 


The Gameplay is a Mixed between K.H style and K.I Style [play a Kingdom hearts Character

K.H Style is like a Kingdom Hearts game where a Kingdom Hearts Character can hit things with there Keyblade,Use different Keyblades,Drive Forms you name it 

K.I Style is like Kid Icarus'es shooting style [unless you play as Magnus where you go Leroy Jackens ] however unlike K.H style you can use Different Items,Fuse them,Upgrade them Yeah yeah 

Air Battle Edit

Air Battle in this Game works depending on witch style you pick K.H use a Gummie Ship to get there while a K.I can just fly [Magnus uses the lightning Chariot in the same means as Pit did in Chapter 20 in Kid Icarus Uprising ]

theres also a Battle Moad where even more playable characters can be in it

Playable CharactersEdit

Kingdom Hearts










Kid Icarus


Dark Pit




Airin [New Character ]

Hercles [New Character ]

Spector [New Character ]


Chapters Edit

1 Warrior of Heart [Pit is unlocked]

2 Warrior of Wings [Sora is unlocked]

3 Attack on the Coliseum

4 The Sight of the Heartless Reaper

5 Two Dark Souls [Riku and Dark Pit are unlocked]

6 TXIP, the Nobody Angel [Roxas, TXIP, Xion and Airin are unlocked]

7 Monsters with Six Heads

8 Heracles, the Son of Hercules [Ven and Heracles are unlocked]

9 Spector, Son of Hades [Terra and Spector are unlocked]

10 Thanatosween

11 The Desert of Dessert

12 Hades X Hades

13 The Chaos Princess [Aqua and Phosphera are unlocked]

14 The Chaos Banishment

15 Return to the Chaos Vortex [Kairi and Palutena are unlocked]

16 Anger of the Gods

17 Medusa Returns

18 Hades' Comeback

19 Pursides Sea of Might

20 Zeus the Almighty

21 The Gates of Destruction

22 Return of the Aurum

23 The Aurum's Tron

24 Aurum Supreme

25 Heartless Copies

26 The Underworld Ambush

27 The Ally of Heartless

28 The Keyblade Wings

29 The Dark Master

30 Pete's Trickery

31 Maleficent's Last Stand

32 The Trip to the Rewind Springs

33 Yen Sid's Test

34 The Six Trials

35 Heartless Kronos

other Charicters Edit

Kingdom Hearts Edit

Namine [Support/Playable in Battle Mode ]

Mickey [Supporter/Playable in Battle mode ]

Donald [Supporter/Playable in Battle mode ]

Goffy [Supporter/Playable in Battle mode ]

Leon [Supporter/Playable in Battle mode ]

Cloud [Supporter/Playable in Battle mode ]

Yuffy [Supporter/Playable in Battle mode ]

Tifa [Supporter/Playable in Battle mode ]

Areth [Supporter]

Merlin [Supporter ]

Hercules [Supporter/Playable in Battle mode ]

Meg [Supporter]

Phil [Supporter ]

Zues [Kingdom Hearts] [Supporter/Playable in Battle mode ]

Aladdin [ Supporter/Playable in Battle mode ]

Jasmine [Supporter ]

Inargo [Supporter ]

Jack Skilliton [Supporter/Playable in Battle mode ]

Sally [Supporter ]

Dr Frenkinsine [Supporter ]

Master Xehanort[Boss/Playable in Battle Mode ]

Marlutia [DLC For Battle Mode ]

Pete [Boss/Playable in Battle Mode ]

Oggieboogy [Boss/Playable in Battle Mode ]

Jafar[Boss/Playable in Battle Mode ]

Hades [Boss/Playable in Battle Mode ]

Maleficent[Boss/Playable in Battle Mode ]

Hydra [Boss ]

Cerberus [Boss ]

Kid Icarus Edit

Viridi [Supporter ]

Arlong [Supporter/Playable in Battle Mode ]

Madosa [Boss/Playable in Battle Mode ]

Hewdra [Boss] Twinbowlows [Boss ]

Persidon [Boss/Supporter/Playable in Battle Mode ]

Zues [Kid Icarus] [Boss/Supporter/Playable in Battle Mode ]

Lord Dentos [Supporter]

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