Kirby: Universe of Dreams is a Kirby fan game made by AdamGregory03 (talk). The game is released for the Wii U. The game is confirmed to be a direct sequel to Kirby's Return to Dreamland and Kirby: Triple Deluxe.


Playable CharactersEdit

It is confirmed there will be a total of eight playable characters, with the latter four having to be unlocked by progressing through the game. The four playable characters from Kirby's Return to Dreamland are confirmed to all return, as well as having the option for the other players to play as a Yellow, Green, or Blue Kirby depending on the controller.

Image Character Ability Description
SSB4U3D Kirby Kirby None Everyone's favorite happy-go-lucky pink puff is back on another adventure! What new things will he discover and/or eat?
MetaKnightSSBI Meta Knight Sword The mysterious knight of Dreamland has arrived to help our pink hero on his quest in whatever ways he can. He's quite a noble fellow.
SSB4U3D King Dedede King Dedede Hammer Dreamland's self-proclaimed king has found himself thrown into yet another adventure with his pink rival. Hopefully they'll get along fine...
WaddleDee Waddle Dee Spear King Dedede's right-hand man also joins in the adventure! Unlike most of his kind, he's trained himself in some really cool spear techniques!
Brawl Knuckle Joe Unlocked by completing Mt. Macadamia Fighter This cool dude is a famous warrior who's been training since he was a tyke. His fearlessness makes him a good candidate to fight off evil!

Copy AbilitiesEdit

See here.


Name Theme Stage Levels Boss
Section 1
Amber Apricot Forest Level 1-1: The Adventure BeginsLevel 1-2: Apricot Caverns

Level 1-3: Apricot Highlands

Level 1-4: Apricot Forest

Mt. Macadamia Mountains TBA...
Upside-Down Cake Castle Medieval TBA...
Lollipop Land Carnival TBA...
Egg Islands Ocean TBA...
Tamale Tower Dungeon TBA...


Enemy Ability Attacks HP Worlds
Bomber Crash Walks forward. Explodes if falls from large height. 1
Bowby Archer Remains stationary. Will fire arrows in direction it is facing. 2
Buzzub Wasp Flies around. When it sees Kirby, it will try to sting him. 5
Pro Fist Fighter Moves around in boxing stance and punches at Kirby. 8
Shotzo Cannot be inhaled Remains stationary. Will aim at Kirby and shoot cannonballs. Cannot be hurt
Sword Knight Sword Will slice with its sword in the direction it is facing. 5
Umbrella Dee Parasol Will walk around and float gently to the ground. 2
Waddle Dee None Walks forward. Has no main attacks of its own. 2
Waddle Doo Beam Will use the beam whip attack when Kirby approaches. 2



Enemy Ability Attacks HP Worlds
Bonkers Hammer Swings with hammer
Performs a hammer spin
Throwing explosive coconuts
Throwing hammer*
Illusiona Mirror Teleporting
Creating duplicates
Casting energy spheres
Turning the screen upside-down*


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