Image Ability Ability Description Enemies
Sword Kirby KRTDL Sword Kirby Beware the blade of a true swordsman! Cut up you're enemies like never before! Blade Knight
Fire Kirby KRTDL Fire Kirby When you can wield fire, all you want to do is burn things. Show you're opponents how hot you really are! Burnin' Leo
Fire Ant
KRTDL Parasol Parasol Kirby Useful for shielding yourself from attacks from above. You can also float down gracefully, like a butterfly. Parasol Waddle Dee
KRTDL Beam Beam Kirby Electric currents are running through the wand. Unleash them. and make you're enemies sizzle! Waddle Doo
KRTDL Fighter Fighter Kirby With this ability, you become a powerful fighter. Make sure no opponent is left without feeling the fury of you're Vulcan Jab! Bruiser
Water Kirby KRTDL Water Kirby TBA... Unknown
KRTDL Bomb Bomb Kirby TBA... Poppy Bro.
KEY Kirby Yarn Kirby TBA... Yarnie Dee
Hammer Hammer Kirby TBA... Bonkers
ArcherKirby Archer Kirby TBA... Unknown
N/A Toxic Kirby TBA... Unknown

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