Legend Of Zelda: Era Of Racing
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Racing
Release  ???
Ratings E10+
Series Legend Of Zelda

Legend Of Zelda: Era Of Racing is a brand new spin-off game to the franchise, Legend Of Zelda. The game plays very similarly to the Mario Kart franchise, aside from a few differences.


Playing much similar to the Mario Kart, contains installments from the successful series. While certain functions from the successful series have not been added, such as the Anti-Gravity feature nor the function to switch between land, air and water, it has the basic functions of the game which is simply of course, to race.


Vehicles are simply what the Riders ride in races, with the Master Cycle being an example of a vehicle.


Riders are simply characters whom have been chosen to race in the races.

Image Name
None ???

Stages/Circuit Edit

Stages are the ares in which the riders ride, but is also known as a Circuit.

Story Mode Edit

A Story Mode is set to appear, which can unlock various stages, vehicles or characters.

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