Returning AbilitiesEdit

Image Ability Enemies Flavor Text
KTD Sniper Archer TBA... Now not only do you have master accuracy, but a sweet purple fedora to match! Hey, is that an enemy? Ready... aim... SHOOT!
KRTDL Beam Beam Waddle Doo This ability is all about thinking ahead for your fights. Do you use the beam whip, or a more powerful beam shot? The choice is yours.
KRTDL Bomb Bomb TBA... Boom, boom, boom! That's the sound your enemies will hear when you come down with that explosive power! KABOOM BABY!
KRTDL Crash Crash Bomber Hold to charge, and release to completely devastate the competition! You can only use it once, though, so make sure it counts!
KRTDL Cutter Cutter TBA... Cut through the competition with your bladed boomerangs of doom! Also very effective for enemies coming from behind.
KRTDL Fighter This is Knuckle Joe's default power Pro Fist Become a fighting champion with a little bit of all the arts! Karate, boxing, a little bit of kung fu fighting, you name it, you can do it!
Fire Kirby KRTDL Fire TBA... Your head is on fire! And that won't be all that's ablaze if anyone tries to face you with this literally hot power! Watch 'em burn!
This is King Dedede's default power Bonkers While we still don't know how you lift a hammer the same size as you, we do know you can really flatten and smash the competition with it!
Ice Kirby 2 Ice TBA... Is it colder in here, or is it just you? Now you can freeze your foes solid and give them a kick to get them started!
Mirror Kirby KUoD Mirror Illusiona Are there really two of you? What is a reflection and what's the real thing? That's what your enemies will want to know!
KRTDL Parasol Parasol Umbrella Dee Think umbrellas can only be used to keep you from getting wet? How about to fight with? Or float you down to earth ever so gently?
Sleep TBA... Just... zzz... five more minutes, please... zzz... I need some sleep... you want to wake me, just mash away... zzz...
KRTDL Spear This is Waddle Dee's default power TBA... Ah, the spear. Such a tactical weapon of choice. Now not only can you poke and stab opponents, you can do it from a safe distance too!
Sword Kirby KRTDL This is Meta Knight's default power Sword Knight Donning the green cap of a legendary swordsman, take action with a blade of your own! This power is all about style with strength!
Water Kirby KRTDL Water TBA... You can either fight your enemies, or just get them wet. Whichever you choose, there's no way you can pass up the power of water!
Yo-Yo TBA... A yo-yo isn't just a toy. It's a way to show off some really cool tricks! Rock the cradle, walk the dog, around the world, and so many more!

New AbilitiesEdit

Image Ability Enemies Flavor Text
Construction TBA... Hey! Don't they know this is a hard hat area? Well, better get to work. And by work, I of course mean mowing down foes that get in your way!
Lightning TBA... Is there a thunderstorm? No, wait, that's just the sound of lightning striking! Don't touch, unless of course you want to get zapped!
Portal TBA... With the power of portals, you can teleport here there, and everywhere! Hey, where'd you go? Oh never mind, there you are.
Wasp Buzzub Buzz buzz, now you can fly around like a little bumblebee! And if anyone aggravates you, you can just give them a sting!

Ability MovesEdit

Move Name Execution Description Damage Element
Sledgehammer WiiU-Y/WiiU-X Kirby swings a sledgehammer in the direction he is facing. 20 None
Jackhammer Hold down WiiU-Dpad/WiiU-LStick while holding WiiU-Y/WiiU-X Kirby takes out a jackhammer and rides it forward. 11 None
Wrecking Ball Hold WiiU-Y/WiiU-X while midair Kirby becomes a wrecking ball chained to the sky and can swing around freely. 22 None
Welder Hold WiiU-Y/WiiU-X Kirby pulls out a welding torch and uses the flame from it to damage enemies. 8 Fire
Flame Breath WiiU-Y/WiiU-X Kirby breathes a stream of fire for as long as either WiiU-Y or WiiU-X is held. 8 Fire
Spinning Flame Breath WiiU-Y/WiiU-X
Kirby spins while he falls, spewing streams of fire from his mouth while he falls. 8 Fire
Blazing Comet WiiU-Y/WiiU-X
(While Dashing)
Kirby engulfs his body in fire and performs a dash in a straight line. 22 Fire
Fireball Inferno Backwards while holding WiiU-Y/WiiU-X Kirby combusts into flames, damaging all enemies around him. 30 Fire
Fire Wheel Down on WiiU-Dpad/WiiU-LStick + WiiU-Y/WiiU-X
Kirby spins like a wheel covered in fire. Will roll forward if he touches ground. 16 Fire
Hammer Nail WiiU-Y/WiiU-X Kirby slams the ground in front of him with the hammer. 35 None
Mallet Spin WiiU-Y/WiiU-X
(While Dashing)
Kirby spins, hitting enemies with his hammer multiple times. 25 None
Hammer Flip WiiU-Y/WiiU-X while holding up on WiiU-Dpad/WiiU-LStick Kirby lights the hammer on fire and performs a powerful upward swing. 80 Fire
Static Shock WiiU-Y/WiiU-X Kirby creates a burst of electricity from his body, damaging nearby enemies. 15 Electric
Lightning Bolt Hold WiiU-Y/WiiU-X, then release Kirby charges electricity from his hands, then launches a lightning bolt in the direction he is facing. 30 Electric
Sting WiiU-Y/WiiU-X Kirby turns his rear in the direction he was facing and performs a stab attack with his stinger. 10 None
Stinger Stick Down on WiiU-Dpad/WiiU-LStick, then WiiU-Y/WiiU-X
Kirby faces his stinger in a diagonal position and dives in that direction. 15 None
Hornet Dive WiiU-Y/WiiU-X
(While Dashing)
Kirby dashes forward in a spin, damaging enemies in the way. 20 None
Yo Throw WiiU-Y/WiiU-X Kirby tosses his yo-yo. Yo-yo can be aimed by holding any button on WiiU-Dpad before throwing. 16 None
Mega Yo Throw Hold WiiU-Y/WiiU-X, then release Same as Yo Throw, only the yo-yo becomes enlarged. 22 None

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