Case: Scary TurnaboutEdit

Mike was killed outside of Wright and Co law offices. Brett is the prime suspect and Phoenix Wright will defend him.

Defense: Phoenix Wright

Prosocution: Brett

Judge: Drake

Witness 1: Ben

Witness 2: Eric

Evidence: Gunshot Wound to the head. Ben's testimony. Eric's testimony. A whoopee cushion covered in blood. Mike was killed at 3:30 PM with a small caliber pistol Thursday Afternoon after Brett and Mike got into a fight. Mike died instantly.

Mr Wrights office has a window overlooking the crime scene however the window sustained no damage.

Case: Poison CureEdit

Bill passed out outside of the Be Safe! hospital.

Dr. Hill and Nurse Mary are the prime suspects and Phoenix Wright will defend them.

Defense: Pheonix Wright

Prosocution: Dr. Hill/Nurse Mary

Judge: Felix

Witness 1: Chaya

Witness 2: Jack

Evidence: Green Goo on Bill's forehead

Witness 1 testimony.

Witness 2 testimony.

Autopsy Report below.

Video Tape showed Dr. Hill was holding an acid gun with Nurse Mary holding a bottle full of the same Green Goo on Bill's forehead.

Disection showed Bill's heart to be green instead of red.

Mr Wrights office has a window overlooking the crime scene showing Dr. Hill to be guilty for the crime.

The Green Goo was an antidote, showing Nurse Mary was trying to revive Bill.

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