Lord Boiyoing
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Artwork of Lord Boiyoing
Gender Male
Species Rabbit
Hometown Bunnitan Empire
Class Antagonist
Main Weapon(s) Armor
Debut Netflix Smash Bros. (original game)
Relation(s) BLU Medic, Chocolate Guy, Darkie Pie, SpongeBob SquarePants, Twilight Sparkle, The Eds

Lord Boiyoing is the recurring main antagonist of the Netflix Smash Bros. series. He's the false commander of the Complex Colonies as well as the recurring archenemy of SpongeBob.


Netflix Smash Bros. (original game)Edit

Throughout the events of the very first series video game released, Lord Boiyoing was thought of as the commander of the Complex Colonies - the person in charge of keeping them safe from evil. He would also be heard in the background as the announcer of everything depending on what the player choses.

But as the player fought characters and would advance deeper into Single Player mode, it's later revealed that he was actually manipulating the player and when the selected character enters the final round, he explains to him/her that his true plan was to make the cartoon characters fight each other, so he can really take over the Colonies unopposed, only to express his hatred towards toons. When the player defeats Boiyoing, the credits show at the end that he's been placed inside a glass dome to keep him contained as imprisonment.

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