Luke Hostile
Luke Hostile

Character Info

Height: Medium-Tall
Age: 33
Role: Lead Terrorist/Boss in Level 1
How to Unlock: Get Gold in Stacey's Survival
Stages: *Level 1
Other Appearances: *Stacey's Survival
*The Airport BOT set
~Accuracy: 10/15
~Speed: 7/15
~Stamina: 5/15
~Health: 150hp

Luke Hostile is a 33 year old terrorist who leads the attack on the Airport in Side Scroll. He appears in the first level of story mode, as well as in a related mission, which is what unlocks him.


Luke Hostile is a mysterious man, not much is known about him, even by his boss. The government are trying to track him down and bring him to justice but he is very intelligent and has avoided them whilst launching many terror attacks around the world.


Main StoryEdit

  • Level 1: He is the man who leads the attack on the Airport and his death is one of the main missions in this level that you must carry out in order to complete the level.

Bonus MissionsEdit

  • Stacey's Survival: He is the boss of the mission and you must defeat him before being able to exit the airport by the door he guards which would then complete the mission.

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