Lustra High
No boxart available
Developer Potter Games
Publisher Potter Games
Platform PC, Steam
Genre Action/Adventure Open-World
Release N/A (due to cancellation)
Modes 1 player (Main Game)
1-4 players (Online)
(Moderate Violence, Strong Language & Suggestive Themes)
Media Optical Disc & Digital Download
Lustra High is a cancelled spiritual sequel to Bully. It was planned to be released only on PC platforms, including Steam. It would have been an open-world action/adventure game in which the player's decisions could have an impact on the story line to an certain extent.

Plot SummaryEdit

It'd be a similar idea with the new kid arriving at a school and it'd be an action/adventure open world style to the game but I'd want to expend and change different aspects of the game to make it more unique and not just an identical copy of the original Bully. For example, the player would have a choice whether to bully, help, rebel, achieve, etc.[1]

Known AspectsEdit


The game was going to have 8 main stages along with an introduction and conclusion animation. In each stage, the player would "conquer" a different group, forming allies with them at the end - either by defeating their leader, or helping them out in general school life. There were going to be 8 different cliches in the game:

  1. Bullies
  2. Chavs
  3. Emos
  4. Hipsters
  5. Jocks
  6. Nerds
  7. Normies
  8. Preps


  • Mouse Movement -Head Movement
  • Left Mouse Click -Item Use/Punch (if no item in hand)
  • Right Mouse Click -Lock On to Target (if using items)/Block (if using fists)
  • Mouse Wheel Scroll -Scroll through items
  • Mouse Wheel Click -Un-Equip to hands
  • W/A/S/D -Body Movement
  • E -Basic Interaction (Talk with People, Pick-Up with Items, Use with Objects)
  • R -Ride/Dismount Vehicle
  • F -Flashlight
  • Q -Interaction List
  • SHIFT -Sprint/Run (if for long period)
  • CTRL -Crouch
  • SPACE -Jump
  • TAB -Backpack (For Inventory, Map, Tasks/Objectives and in-game statistics)
  • ESC -Pause Menu (For Save, Exit, Sound Options, etc)


Very little was known about characters, other than the main player would be completely customizable like in The Sims series.


There was going to be two main areas: the School and the Town. The school would be made up of various areas such as dorms, subject rooms, the canteen, the library and the head's office. The subject list was going to be: English, Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Design, Art, Home Economics, Geography, History, Music & PE, each incorporating some form of minigame which players must excel at in order to pass the class. The town was going to be made up of shops and other areas, such as Lustra Green, the Sports Centre and the Skate Park, where players could play minigames and compete in online competitions.


  1. -- The original idea's brief description.

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