Lyle the weasel
Gender Male
Species Weasel
Debut Animal Crossing: Wild World (2005)
Current Status(es) Alive
Relation(s) Lottie (niece)

Lyle (Japanese: ホンマさん Honma-san) is an insurance weasel in Animal Crossing: Wild World, and an employee of the Happy Home Academy in Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Lyle is a blue, spectacled weasel with a hunch and spiked whiskers. Ironically, as he gives the player money if they find a forged painting, the fact that he is a weasel mimics the alternate name for a scammer: "weasel".


My Animal CrossingEdit

Lyle makes another appearance in the Animal Crossing series in My Animal Crossing. In the game, Lyle works as an employee of Happy Home Academy, along with Digby, and sells home upgrades in a matter similar to Nook's Homes of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Like in previous games, Lyle often refers to himself in third person, and often remarks about hating his job.

It is often hinted at that Lyle is friends with Crazy Redd, and will sometimes appear at his shop. When asked about his relationship with the Kitsune, Lyle will stutter and say that they are "old friends". After enough bells are spent at the Happy Home Academy, Lyle will (accidentally) reveal that he used to scam people into buying forged paintings. After realizing what he said, he will remark that it was just a dream he had.

This character has an amiibo based off them. For information on their amiibo, see Lyle (amiibo).
Lyle - AC amiibo card