Madi Brawl is an action fighting game made by MkShinx.


  • Madi
  • TylerTristar2IsBack
  • Fabian
  • Sammy
  • Sally
  • Reggie
  • Pops
  • Matt
  • Microsoft Sam

Character phrasesEdit


  • 100-51% HP: I'm small, but rough and tough!
  • 51-25% HP: Oh, no! I have half HP!
  • 25-1% HP: Crud! I feel faint...
  • fainting: Ohh... I'm fainting...
  • Winning: Yeah, man!


  • 100-51% HP: This fight is gonna be awesome!
  • 51-25% HP: Half HP? What on Earth?
  • 25-1% HP: No! I'm at low HP!
  • Fainting: What on Earth? I'm fainting.
  • Winning: Yeah! I won! Gotta tell my Skype friends!
  • Status condition: What on Earth? I'm paralyzed/poisoned/burned/confused!


  • 100-51% HP: Let's Get It On!
  • 51-25% HP: 
  • 25-1% HP: 
  • Fainting: 
  • Winning: 
  • Status condition:

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