The Mage is the Support Class of the players. She/he got her magic wand Blaze Staf that shoot nether stars that seeks the nearest object in front of her/him

Abbilities Edit

R1, 1, LB: Stun Ball (Stuns all mobs in the near of him/her)

Triangle, 2, Y: Mage Drone (Sends out the players Drone)

R2, 3, RB: Cloud Dance (Moves quicker in 15 sec.)

Description Edit

Even thoug he/she is relly needed in the battle feild. She/he still has one issue... She/he belives in circles.

Character Variants Edit

Number Name Health Weapon Variant Ammo Fire Alfa Unlockeble
1 Mage 125 Blaze Staf Classic 20 Rapid Possitive
2 Fire Mage 125 Fire Staf Fire 15 Slow Negative
3 Frozen Mage 125 Ice Queen Staf Ice 16 Slow Possitive
4 Wood Mage 125 Toxic Staf Toxic 28 Rapid Negative
5 Steet Mage 150 Lightning Beam Electro 10 Slow Negative
6 Ocean Mage 125 Water Staff Water 30 Rapid Negative
7 Rose Mage 100 Magic Thistles Refrence 35 Rapid Possitive
8 Metal Mage 225 Iron Staf Armored 12 Slow Negative
9 Range Mage 150 Range Staff Sniper 14 Slow Negative

Trivia: Edit Edit

  • The Frozen Mage (Female Verison) is a refrence to Elsa from the movie Frozen. As well as the staff Ice queen Staff.

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