Call of Duty: Black Ops IV
Athens, Greece
Map Scorestreak

Mansion is a map on the game Call of Duty: Black Ops IV.

Map Description Edit

This map is a mansion of an anonymus billionaire.

The FBI spawn contains 8 sports cars and in all of them a suitcase was set in. There is also a view to the olympus mountain. You can see 3 paths; One is to the right, where the vault is, another one to the middle, where the pool is, and the final one, to the left, where the security Wargrunts (Cyber Warlords) are. The NRC spawn contains a golf court, a refrigerator, a basket ball court and the same 3 paths from the FBI spawn, but the vault and the Wargrunts station have been switching sides.

Map Scorestreak - SecurityEdit

Security is a special scorestreak exclusivly for the map.









Unlocked at

Map exclusive scorestreak




You need 950 points to earn in.

Once the Security scorestreak is activated, the Wargrunts will get out of their charge place (left path for FBI, right path for NRC) and start to attack, shoot, grab and throw the enemy.

You can't control it.

Wargrunts are Cyberized Warlords (Warlords made their 1st appearence in Black Ops III, as soliders of the 54 Immortals organization).

Special mode locations Edit

Capture the Flag and Uplink: Object A is located at the FBI spawn and Object B is located at the NRC spawn.

Demolition and Search and Destroy: Bomb A is located at the vault, and Bomb B is located at the Wargrunts station.

Domination: Point A is located on the FBI spawn, Point C is located on the NRC spawn and Point B is located on the edge of the pool in the middle.

Safeguard: The robo-demolition station is located at the NRC spawn

Trivia Edit

  • Similar to Nuketown 2025, NUK3TOWN, Terminal and Aperture (PC Exclusive Map), this map also have an outro cutscene.
    • The cutscene shows us the anonymus billionaire on his secret hideout looking on the soliders fighting on his map, and sends his 8 sports cars from the FBI spawn to blow up the whole mansion.
      • However, he doesn't say a word. But he press a button saying "DESTROY".
  • There are two Easter Eggs on this map, and both brings to the end of the match.
    • First Easter Egg; Plant a C4 on one of the sports cars, the all the mansion will blow up and the match will end. After the mansion blows, no matter how much your team will kill, the match will count as a draw. Second Easter Egg; Go to the vault, Press Circle/B/A/L 5 times, then press X/A/B/K 4 times, go to the vault's lock and melee it. Then you'll see a mysterious man wearing a mask. You can explore his hideout, but once he'll discover you, melee him too. Same as the first Easter Egg, the match will count as a draw.
      • The mysterious man from the second Easter Egg might be the billionaire. After you've opened the vault, this man will say in an Asian accent "The 54 Immortals will live forever", which means that there are few 54i agents in the whole world.
  • This is the 4th mansion-themed map in the CoD series. 1st is Mansion (A cut map from Call of Duty 4), 2nd is Raid (Black Ops II) and 3rd is Stronghold (Black Ops III).
  • Similar to Terminal (BO4), this is another map in the CoD series, which has the same name of an another CoD MP map. In this case, it's the cut map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
    • Just like Terminal, this is another MW map.
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