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Full Name Marcus Wright
Current Age 39
Date of Birth August 22nd, 1975
Gender Male
Species Human-Omnidroid Hybrid
Hometown New Washington DC, Armada-Occupied America
Class Omnidroid
Main Weapon(s) Unknown
Vulnerable to Human Heart can be stopped if exposed
Debut Terminator Salvation
Current Status(es) Alive (P.O.W)
Main Ability/ies Superhuman Strength and Stamina
Affiliation(s) Villain Armada Research Divison (formerly)
The Hero Coalition
Alias(es) Omnidroid H-15
Relation(s) Unknown Brother

Marcus Wright, also known as the Omnidroid H-15, is a Human-Omnidroid Hybrid and a major figure in the War Against the Villain Armada. In 2003, Marcus was sentenced to Death Row in the Longview State Correctional Facility. However, on the day of his death, he was visited by Serena Kogan, an American Doctor who was suffering from Cancer, and who was in league with The Villain Armada.

After signing a consent form, he was handed over to Omnidroid Industries for Medical Research, and later killed by Lethal Injection as Serena watched. With his body being taken by Ozone, the leader of the Armada, Marcus was dissected and outfitted with an Omnidroid Augment Skeleton and a Chip Interface, keeping his flesh, blood, Brain and Heart. This made Marcus the very first Human-Omnidroid Hybrid, and he was put in Cryogenic Suspension in an Underground Facility for 11 years as the Great Invasion of Earth-135 triggered above, and the War Against the Villain Armada raged.

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