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Mario is a veteran character from the Super Smash Bros. series, who makes his appearance on Mega Smash Bros. as a starter character. He is the main protagonist of the Super Mario Bros. series.

Mario debuted in 1981 in the arcade known as Donkey Kong along Donkey Kong and Pauline, Donkey Kong would get his own series while Pauline would appear as a main character in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series.


Neutral: FireballEdit

Mario will throw a red fireball. If attacks the enemy, it can give 2% damage.


The fireball debuted in Mario Bros. as a hazard, but in Super Mario Bros., Mario would gain the ability to throw them via the Fire Flower. The movement of the fireball came from Mario Bros.

Side: HammerEdit

Mario will get a hammer and will swing it around. If a enemy gets close, it gets a 15% damage. The hammer can be thrown as well, by pressing A.


The hammer debuted in Donkey Kong, but the move is based around a quest from Mario Party Advance which Mario had to swing a hammer around and then throw it.

Up: Wing CapEdit

Mario will jump in the air and fly using the Wing Cap. It can go more faster and can deal 5% damage if makes contact with a enemy. It stops after pressing A or by crashing into a wall or a hazard.


The Wing Cap comes from Super Mario 64, which would allow Mario to fly.

Down: Star SpinEdit

Mario will spin around for 5 seconds, it gives 5% damage if a enemy gets closer to it. When it ends, a Luma appears from Mario's hat.


The Star Spin comes from Super Mario Galaxy, where Mario had a spin attack which could be used to defeat enemies and reflect projectiles.

Final Smash: Star BeamEdit

Mario summons the Stars from Paper Mario and then they deliver a giant beam which covers up almost the entire screen giving 75% damage at anyone who gets close to it.


The Star Beam is from Paper Mario, it is a special move used during the final battle with Bowser.


  • Up: Mario removes his hat.
  • Down: He will jump and do the same movement as he did when he died in Super Mario Bros.
  • Side: He facepalms.

Home StageEdit

Mario's homestage is considered to be Level 1-1, however when the players fight him in All-Star Mode, he is found at Acorn Plains.


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